At Propel, we build Fresh EBT, a free app that helps low-income families manage their benefits from programs like food stamps. Fresh EBT is used by nearly 2 million people across the country each month. Our business is focused on introducing our users to valuable products and services - current customers include grocery stores, brands, healthcare companies, and nonprofits. Propel is a for-profit software company that holds its social mission at its core. Our investors include Andreessen Horowitz, the Omidyar Network, Kevin Durant, Max Levchin, and Nas.

You'll be the 4th full-time engineer at a critical time as we scale our user base and build systems to deliver more value to our users. Your code will reach people in need across the country, and you'll have an opportunity to meaningfully impact users’ lives. You'll apply your skills and intuition toward fighting poverty with technology.

Propel is seeking an experienced software engineer to join us on our mission to modernize America’s safety net. We’re looking for a hands-on developer at the onset, but would love to see this person grow into a leadership role.


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Minimum qualifications

  • 7+ years of full-stack development experience. We're looking for someone who has deep experience in inventing, building, shipping, and maintaining complex full-stack software
  • Experience with Python and JavaScript frameworks
  • Experience stepping into other technical roles (dev ops, data science, web dev) as the situation dictates
  • Experience building and shipping something significant in a startup environment (either an actual startup, or an entrepreneurial situation within a larger organization)
  • Computer science degree, or strong enough fundamentals learned elsewhere that you could fool us

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience building consumer mobile products
  • Experience working with UX and visual designers, or have practiced UX fundamentals yourself
  • Experience with or knowledge of government services, particularly safety net services like SNAP, WIC, TANF, SSI, SSDI, Medicaid, Section 8
  • Something in your personal story that draws you to what we're building