Blue State Digital is a purpose-driven creative and tech agency. We transform how brands and causes engage their most important people. From Google to UNICEF, from Obama to MIT, from Special Olympics to the DNC, Blue State Digital helps grow communities, build platforms, and transform organizations for the digital age. Led by the most creative and analytical minds from the political, nonprofit, and brand worlds, Blue State Digital is a part of WPP Digital and has more than 200 employees in six offices around the world.

Our New York team is focused on building products in two key areas: legislative advocacy, and messaging/constituent outreach. It is made up of full stack software engineers that build applications and systems using React and Node.js. The team specializes in the automation of all things, from unit and integration tests that run in a CI pipeline, to infrastructure that is both autoscaling and self-healing. Developers responsible for SPAs run their build processes in the cloud, letting them to deploy to multiple environments, including production, multiple times per day.

As our ideal candidate for this position, you’re someone who is self-driven and equally motivated by the challenges of working in a mature codebase, leaving things better than they found them, and designing systems from the ground up — with a focus on distributed architectures and test automation.

You understand that the context in which technology and architecture decisions are made is just as important as the technologies themselves, and you embrace the constraints of the team and business when designing software.

This is a senior-level position, so you’re not only a skilled engineer whose heads-down in your work, but also someone who collaborates with your team and works directly with stakeholders.

In this role you will work with modern tools and architectural paradigms to deliver reliable, scalable services and applications at unprecedented speed. You'll engage directly with stakeholders, and our product engineering teams to build the tools, platforms, and services that power the next generation of software for mission-driven organizations.

Skills and responsibilities

  • Building a living design component system used across all teams
  • Supporting and maintaining a suite of JavaScript libraries used by internal teams
  • Creating modern user interfaces from the ground up
  • Designing and building the data layer that powers the Application tier
  • Providing mentorship for more junior members of the team
  • Working with Tech Leads, Product Team members, and stakeholders to plan large technology projects and assess the risks associated with delivering high-value, high-risk products


  • Location:
    New York City
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

  • 3+ years of engineering experience in a SaaS or platform delivery environment, building products using modern JavaScript techniques and frameworks including React/Redux, Node.js, and Webpack.
  • Mastery of modern web programming standards and best practices, including functional programming, distributed systems architecture, and living design systems.
  • Passion for delivering and scaling highly-available business critical systems, and a strong understanding of the core tenets and practices of microservices architecture.
  • Experience with a rigorous peer code review process on both sides, being the reviewer, and also taking constructive feedback.
  • Experience with static code analysis tools and unit testing frameworks like Jest.
  • Expertise in containerized systems, particularly with Docker, and knowledge of best practices for designing, building, and deploying containerized applications is a plus.
  • Experience working in AWS, including familiarity with Amazon's managed services. Knowledge of infrastructure-as-code tools (e.g. CloudFormation) is also a plus.