We are seeking a System Architect who will be responsible for leading architecture design for various lines of business and enterprise applications, from custom web solutions, 3rd party vendor products and open source options. Incumbent will also be accountable for web application architecture, service architecture, and technical design for high interoperability and modularity, and low technical coupling. Because this role requires extensive experience in architecting and deploying web-based and web-enabled business applications, Incumbent must possess hands-on experience in coding, deploying distributed architectures and platforms, creating architectural quality controls, designing for scalability and performance, and implementing impactful technology solutions. Additional responsibilities will include: 

  • Implementing a cross-discipline view on solution development including analyzing technical trade-offs, determining major applications, application components and subsystems, and defining scalable interfaces and collaboration between IT assets. 
  • Defining, assisting in implementing, and continually evolving Allegheny County's Department of Human Services (ACDHS) IT system architectural designs. This will include first assessing numerous custom application assets, mapping out current architecture, and understanding other potential IT solutions that could be integrated into ACDHS's overall IT landscape.
  • Leading efforts to decouple ACDHS's IT application components and enhance ACDHS’s IT system's overall interoperability and modularity, by way of API management design and implementation, leveraging open data concepts, etc.; developing a realistic approach and implementation plan to achieve greater interoperability and modularity maturity.
  • Defining and maintaining adherence to IT system's architectural fitness functions. This includes working with development team to create automated fitness function metrics and tracking controls to measure the health and adherence to architectural designs.  The output of these fitness function metrics serve as input into the constant evolution of ACDHS's IT system architecture.
  • Staying abreast of trends in technology across all industries and identifying what could be impactful to the business of ACDHS.  
  • Leading a team in identifying proof of concept spikes that provide insight into potential positive impacts to ACDHS's existing IT systems.
  • Developing an approach to support hypothesis-driven development, to enable silently incorporating end users into the design and development feedback loop.  
  • Developing an approach to manage dependencies within and between applications.
  • Developing an approach to identify, manage and rectify existing technical debt.
  • Supporting development teams in adhering to architectural design and coding quality standards (e.g., service templates).
  • Working with portfolio and enterprise stakeholders, particularly the Enterprise Architect, to ensure alignment with enterprise standards and objectives.

Interested candidates should complete an application and submit a resume and cover letter online at:

Skills and responsibilities

Knowledge of/Experience in:

  • Technology architecture approaches, specifically with a slant toward creating decoupled solutions.
  • Different programming languages and their underlying concepts (modeling (UML), object oriented, etc.).
  • Agile delivery methodologies.
  • Leveraging technology as a whole to ultimately achieve business objectives.

Skills/Ability to demonstrate:

  • Excellent critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Excellent API service design and implementation skills.
  • Strong technical skills, specifically in .NET, R, and python.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong leadership skills, including fostering a collaborative culture as a servant-leader.
  • Curiosity and the courage to speak up.


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Minimum qualifications

Bachelor's degree in computer science, system analysis, or a related field of study, plus a minimum of five years of design and implementation experience in IT, with a deep knowledge in at least two of the following technical disciplines: application development, application programming interfaces (APIs), application architectural design, database management, configuration management, or DevOps. Exposure to multiple, diverse technical configurations, technologies and processing environments is strongly preferred. Experience with integration hubs or similar middleware tools or platforms is a plus.