Column was founded by a fifth-generation member of a local newspaper family based in Manhattan, Kansas. We are a group of principled, talented builders who believe in dedicating our time and effort to solving hard problems that matter.

We are initially focused on the system of public notice, due to its critical importance to the future of journalism and the business of news. For centuries, laws have required that notification of certain actions be proactively distributed to the communities that they impact, by way of journalists — professionals that those communities trust to tell the truth and ask questions on their behalf. 

We believe the challenges our information systems now face are existential ones for our system of self-governance. The best use of our time and talent is to do the hard work to fortify trustworthy institutions — young and old — and be active participants rather than bystanders to change.

Public notice exists at a unique intersection of government, journalism, and commerce. The technology we are building is a form of connective tissue that we expect to have far-reaching implications.

For many of the early members of the team, this is our second company together. We are building a company of consequence and know from experience that having a team of exceptional people is the best part of the journey.

Our team is made of folks that have followed non-traditional paths to local media and to startups. Our founding team's first jobs included: newspaper delivery, political campaign staff, professional baseball, museum docent, library book-shelver, chartering planes, and rec-center marketing. We know that experiences with other industries, geographies, and life backgrounds are critical to creating the best product possible for our partners.

Column is a remote-first company with core members of our team on four continents and an in-person headquarters in Washington, DC.

Column is excited to welcome our first marketing hire! We are looking for a full-time Marketing Lead to join a small team at an early-stage, venture-backed startup focused on the future of public interest information and journalism.  As one of the early members of the team, you'll have an immediate impact on our growth strategy and team culture. In practice, this means everything from creating targeted campaigns to fill our inbound and outbound funnels, investing in product-led growth marketing strategies, interacting with teams across the organization, and creating a foundation for scalable growth.

We think this role is excellent for someone who is drawn to joining a dynamic team trying to do something of consequence, enjoys a high degree of ownership and responsibility, and wants to help build a marketing function from the ground-up.

Skills and responsibilities

This role will report to the Head of Partnerships and work collaboratively with our Head of Customer Experience, Head of Product, and COO
  • Own the execution of Column's growth marketing efforts; from advising leadership on growth strategies to testing channels to deploying innovative campaigns. 
  • Report regularly to the team on your successes and failures, providing actionable insights that will lead to the success of the company.
  • Identify and prioritize problems, develop several proposed solutions, and work with team members to own the execution of these solutions
  • Inform the product roadmap with insights from campaign and user feedback.
  • Build the marketing plans for new product and feature launches.
  • Ownership of the standards, practices, and infrastructure of the marketing function of a rapidly growing software product.


  • Location:
    Column is a remote-first company with team members all over the world. All roles are work-from-anywhere.
  • This job is remote friendly.
  • Deadline: n/a


Minimum qualifications

  • Experience with operational responsibility in demand generation, growth marketing, or comparable experience driving conversion through an acquisition funnel for a product.
  • Knack for performing data analysis and measuring conversion funnels. 
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills.
  • Experience with and confidence learning modern web tools (Hubspot experience is a plus!).
  • Excitement to be a part of building a company from the ground up.

Preferred qualifications

  • Rigor - attention to detail without losing the forest for the trees; strong analytical lens on what's working and what isn't — consistent and adept follow-through.
  • Humility - This role will be challenging in some ways and boring in others. A quiet confidence switching gears between the fast-paced articulation of problems to be solved to finicky rote work involved in the execution will be helpful in this role.
  • Optimism - we are setting out to do a hard and important thing in an industry underserved by modern technology, something entirely uncertain, and optimism that it is possible is a must.
  • Effective Communicator - we want folks who are empathetic, great listeners, and clear & concise communicators verbally and in writing