The Austin Transportation Department is committed to providing the most safe, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable roadway, bikeway, walkway and transit system for our community.

The Data & Technology Services team acts as a central technology unit working to improve a wide range of IT services at the City of Austin Transportation Department. We administer critical IT systems, engineer open transportation data, and geek over maps and open-source projects.

  • Create maps in print on and the web
  • Architect and administer geospatial databases
  • Conduct geospatial analysis using desktop and web-based tools
  • Implement data automation workflows using scripting languages and ETL tools
  • Establish operating procedures, map standards, and quality control checks
  • Author technical documentation and training materials
  • Be visible to staff and stakeholders and regularly undertake activities to engage and build trust with colleagues and customers
  • Be a leader and core-contributor on a team of IT professionals working to implement innovative technology solutions

Skills and responsibilities

The preferred candidate will have experience using desktop and web-based geographic information systems (GIS) to produce maps and manage geospatial data in an enterprise setting.

The candidate will excel at using a wide range of geospatial technologies in their daily work, including, but not limited to, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Online, QGIS, CARTO, and Mapbox Studio.

The candidate will be capable of designing and administering geospatial databases, as well as automating data processing tasks using programming languages, Model Builder, FME, or similar tools.

We are looking for a candidate with leadership experience who is able to manage multiple projects simultaneously and serve as a mentor to fellow team members.


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Minimum qualifications

Graduation with a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in a field related to the job

Experience may substitute for education up to four (4) years.