The Aspen Tech Policy Hub is a West Coast policy incubator, training a new generation of tech policy entrepreneurs. Modeled after tech incubators like Y Combinator, we take tech experts, teach them the policy process through fellowship and training programs, and encourage them to develop outside-the-box solutions to society’s problems. 

The Aspen Tech Policy Hub is now accepting applications for two training programs to occur in Summer and/or Fall 2021. Modeled off of tech incubators like Y Combinator, the Hub takes tech experts, teaches them the policy process through intensive training programs, and encourages them to develop outside-the-box solutions to society’s programs. To date, the Hub has trained 57 technologists through its programs.
Applications are open through February 22 for the two training programs:
  • The Aspen Tech Policy Hub Fellowship is a full-time, paid, ten-week program that teaches technology experts the policy process through an in-residence program in the Bay Area. The program is ideal for technologists interested in building better tech policy, whether that be within government or more broadly as an external advocate or from within the tech industry.
  • The Tech Executive Leadership Initiativeis a part-time, unpaid, online, ten-week program, co-sponsored by the Hub, that provides senior technology professionals with a unique leadership opportunity to strengthen their executive skills through real-world engagement with government problems. Through experiential learning with real government technology policy challenges, leaders hone their skills to work effectively with dedicated public servants and mitigate risk on technology projects.
Given the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hub will decide closer to the summer exactly which programs it will offer and when in 2021. To facilitate recruitment for all these possibilities, the Hub is opening one application for both the fellowship and executive leadership programs, and is enabling applicants to indicate their interest in each of these options.
If you are interested in joining any programs the Aspen Tech Policy Hub may host in Summer/Fall 2021, please click here to apply. Not sure? Join Hub staff and alumni for introductory webinars on February 9 and 18 (register here). Applications are due Monday, February 22. Please feel free to circulate this information widely within your networks.


  • Location:
    San Francisco
  • This job is remote friendly.
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

Preferred qualifications

For both our Fellowship and TELI programs, we are looking for applicants with the following characteristics:

1 – Applicants should have significant professional experience with technology.

For instance, applicants might work as an engineer, computer scientist, or business executive at a technology company; might be trained as a data scientist or in human-computer interaction; might work at a university or at a think tank studying cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, or the Internet of Things; or might have professional technology experience such as serving as a patent lawyer. Please note these are just illustrative examples; they are not intended to limit eligibility to these categories.

2 – Applicants should show potential to apply their technology experience to affecting policy and social change.

Applicants should be passionate about solving public sector challenges or other societal problems, and should be able to articulate creative, innovative ways in which they want to make a difference and how their experience will help them do so. 

3 – Applicants have not yet significantly explored their potential to enact change through policy. 

These are introductory programs to the policymaking process, and applicants with significant past policy experience are likely to be too advanced for this program. While we welcome all interested individuals to apply, we will prioritize applicants who do not have significant previous policy experience (e.g., a master’s in public policy; past experience working in a policy role).

While all technology experts and executives are welcome to apply to our programs, we are particularly interested in applicants who are passionate about problems in our four priority areas:
  • Cybersecurity;
  • The effects of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, and quantum computing;
  • Protecting democracy, combating disinformation or misinformation, and election security; and
  • Using technology to help at-risk populations or encourage social justice.

Applicants need to also meet the following eligibility requirements for both programs:
  • Applicant(s) must be at least 21 years of age by the start of the program.
  • Applicant(s) must be fluent in English.

For both our Fellowship program, applicants need to meet these additional requirements:

For the Tech Executive Leadership Initiative, applicants need to meet these additional requirements:

  • Applicants should be senior-level technology executives: We define a technology executive as someone who has: (1) managed large-scale technology projects within a public or private organization; (2) founded, served in a C-suite role of, or managed a business, division, or department within a public or private technology organization; (3) contributed significantly to the strategic development of a tech or tech-adjacent organization; or (4) has an equivalent track record of entrepreneurship, innovation, or technology experience. While there may be exceptions, technology executives generally have at least 10 years of professional experience.
  • Applicants must be a US citizen, permanent resident, or hold a visa that enables you to work for the US government.
  • Applicant(s) must be able to commit 10 hours per week to the 10-week program.