The California Court system is working to improve digital services for all users of the courts, from individuals to attorneys and journalists. Our recently launched beta website for self-represented litigants shows the beginnings of our Judicial design system, based on USWDS. We seek a strategic visual designer to assist our team as we expand the design system and build new digital services for trial courts across the state.
The senior UI/UX visual designer will work in cross-functional team to shape the court system’s approach to the digital experience of the California Judicial Branch. 
  • This role supports the JCC Digital Services team in designing and delivering new Drupal 8 websites that will leverage our new design system.
  • In this Contractor role, candidates will need to sign up with one of the JCC’s designated staffing agencies.

Scoping and delivering designs ranging from early concepts and sketches, to prototyping, to high-fidelity, polished, accessibility-checked designs for final implementation 

Skills and responsibilities

Work will include:
  • Guiding the growth of our design system and providing style guide recommendations to stakeholders.
  • Creating web elements, components, layouts and templates that embody the accessible authority of the California Courts in multiple contexts.
  •  Collaborating with attorneys, content creators, UX researchers, and developers and presenting to stakeholders at all levels of the Judicial Branch.
  • Working as an art director on some projects, creating new in-house styles that raise visual standards.


  • Location:
    San Francisco
  • This job is remote friendly.
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience with design systems, styleguides, and multi-faceted brands.
  • Desire to improve government processes and policies with data.
  • Ability to work with cross functional teams, in fast-paced, agile, collaborative environment
  • Confidence explaining decisions, analyses and recommendations to team members and stakeholders of varying levels of seniority and digital content knowledge.
  • Great interpersonal skills, flexible can-do attitude, and drive for continuous improvement.
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