In this role you will be a senior technical leader in the City. Reporting to the Chief Digital Services Officer in the City Administrator’s Office, you will be a champion for transparency through open data, and better services through internal data sharing. You will help the City mature its understanding of data as a critical asset for delivering better, more equitable services to all San Franciscans.

You will lead a team of four, specializing in data and analytics. Your responsibilities will include setting data standards and governance, setting the City’s data strategy, and working closely with our departments to support them with data transparency both internally and externally. You will lead the city’s growth in data-driven decision-making by building a strong analytics program that includes ethical use of data science. You will ground all of this work in a strong understanding of the needs of our residents, and the business needs of our departments.

San Francisco was one of the first cities to have a Chief Data Officer, and is rightly proud of its Open Data program. This position is a Mayoral Appointment, and is enshrined in the City’s Administrative Code (Sec. 22.D). You will ensure the code is met by continuing DataSF’s work to develop the City’s open data portal, and continue to work with departments to bring their data online in useful and usable formats.  

DataSF has recently combined with Digital Services in a new step for data efforts in San Francisco. Data standards and service standards are two critical pieces that ensure joined up services and accurate data for decision-making. Bringing these two teams together creates a strong end-to-end digital offer that puts San Francisco at the forefront of civic data and digital services.

Combined, DataSF and Digital Services can make sure that data collection is standardized at the front end, with data joined up between internal systems, and good analytics so departments can track progress and improve services. Quality data, analytics, and insights are essential to improving City services, and you will take the lead on spreading good practice citywide. You will champion user-centered design and the importance of data for meeting user needs.

Digital Services is a team of 40 designers, engineers, and product managers. As Chief Data Officer you will sit on the Digital Services Leadership Team, alongside our Technical Director and Product Director. You will work closely with the team to ensure all our products and services have data standards built in from the start, and you will participate in strategic planning across all of Digital Services.

Removing barriers and making it easier for all people to access services or knowledge is a core part of any role at DataSF and Digital Services. Beyond any technical skill set or prior work history, accomplishing this ambitious task requires an empathetic understanding of the diverse array of experiences embodied in San Francisco. Your own life experience is a critical contribution to this effort. We are committed to building a team whose diversity reflects the residents we serve.


Ensure continued operations of the City’s comprehensive open data program
  • Collaborate across departments to provide data governance, policies, and practices for publishing open data.
  • Oversee the ongoing development of the Socrata open data platform, and continue work with departments to create data transparency through this central directory
  • Draft rules and technical standards to implement the open data policy ensuring the policy incorporates the principles set forth in Administrative Code Section 22D.
  • Establish guidelines for licensing open data sets released by the City.
Support the development of digital services and analytics in the City through internal data sharing
  • Develop standards, policies and practices for internal data sharing
  • Work with departments to support internal data sharing initiatives
  • Identify opportunities for internal data sharing that will lead to better services and better data for decision making
  • Work with Agile teams to build, test, and learn in the development of new digital service
  • Own, develop and implement the City’s Data Strategy 
  • Ensure best practices around ethics and equity are embedded at every stage of the data lifecycle from collection, storage, sharing, and use. 
  • Support citywide efforts on Privacy
    - Support departments to consider the ethical and equity implications of data collection, use, and sharing
    - Work in coordination with the City Administrator’s Office to adopt rules and regulations that are consistent with the Charter and that implement the Privacy First Policy, including the privacy principles stated in Charter Section 16.130(e).
  • Draft reports and other public documents as needed, including reports to the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor describing the City’s implementation of the open data policy and use of data. 
Grow the City’s analytics program and increase the use of data in decision making  
  • Oversee Data Academy program in partnership with Controller’s Office
  • Oversee the existing Power BI program
  • Support critical analytics projects, for example the City’s Covid-19 data hub
  • Demonstrate the value of data-driven decision-making and help departments to understand how to incorporate analytics into their performance approaches.
  • Promote use of data to understand where our city doesn’t serve marginalized communities well
Grow the City’s ethical use of data science
  • Oversee use cases and practical examples of data science projects via DataScienceSF service
  • Support departments’ understanding of data science and its ethical use 

  • Lead, coach and mentor a team of four fantastic staff members 
  • Participate as a leader within Digital Services, and as a respected senior technologist citywide
  • Engage with departments and stakeholders across the City to communicate the importance of open data, analytics, and internal data sharing for better services and decision-making 
  • Engage with external consumers of open data to ensure awareness of available data, solicit feedback on data quality and obtain new ideas for future data releases
  • Give presentations, lead and facilitate group meetings, and be comfortable speaking up as a leader in group settings

Skills and responsibilities

  • Proven leader, with experience developing and implementing plans for broad organizational change
  • Excellent at building relationships, creating trust, and working collaboratively 
  • Able to demonstrate humility and resilience, and maintain a sense of humor 
  • Well versed in the principles of open data, open government, and digital services 
  • Understand how structural inequity and institutional racism impact how data is collected, shared, and used 
  • Excellent writing and public speaking skills
  • Strong understanding of data management best practices 
  • Strong communicator with internal and external stakeholders on deeper technical issues
  • Technically competent or conversant with:
    - Data infrastructure
    - Data governance, including privacy and security, quality, and stewardship
    - Data analytics and visualizations
    - GIS systems and mapping concepts
    - Open data, including portals and APIs and data formats
  • Experience in quantitative analysis, advanced mathematics, statistics, economics or computer science.
  • Understanding of specific areas of municipal activity that are data intensive - planning & zoning process, health, public safety
  • Understanding of government processes and practices (legislative process, budget process) 

We will begin reviewing resumes on January 15th. The process starts with a phone call, then leads to a panel interview which will include a presentation. There will not be a take-home exercise or test, but you will be expected to present case studies of your past work. All interviews will be remote.


  • Location:
    San Francisco
  • Salary:
  • Deadline: n/a


Minimum qualifications

  • Possession of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university; AND
  • Three (3) years of professional experience within a governmental or private sector organization, developing and implementing policies related to open data and/or data governance