Callisto is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization that creates technology to combat sexual assault, empower survivors, and advance justice. Specifically, we create websites that make it easier for sexual assault survivors to report and name their assailant and enable the detection of repeat sexual offenders. We also connect survivors to attorneys who advise them on their options to seek justice. We are funded by earned revenue from partner institutions and by philanthropic supporters, including, Y Combinator, Greylock Partners, and the Skoll Foundation.

We are a small but powerful team, united in the belief that we can create a more just world. The culture around us is changing rapidly and the demand for Callisto has never been greater. We have expanded beyond our initial work with college campuses to address sexual assault and professional sexual coercion in multiple industries, connecting victims of the same predator to each other and with legal support. 

Since July 2017, we have received hundreds of inbound inquiries from interested partners in dozens of industries. We are in conversations with major players in academia, law, technology, government, philanthropy, entertainment, sports, and media who are interested in partnering with Callisto to offer our reporting platform and counseling services to their community.

The Head of Strategy & Business Development will own developing our earned revenue strategy and building and managing the team to execute on it. They will balance a desire for long-term impact (helping as many sexual assault survivors as much as possible) with a desire for financial sustainability (ensuring Callisto can afford to scale to every survivor in the United States within the next 10 years). They will decide what industries or geographies we should go into, in what order, with what customer/partner types, with what value proposition, and at what price point. They will work with the product, legal, marketing, and evaluation teams to determine how to package our offering in a way that is both appealing to partners and likely to lead to positive outcomes for sexual assault survivors.

Skills and responsibilities

  • Assess the landscape of potential partners and competitors
  • Create the go-to-market strategy for each industry/geography
  • Set and track key metrics to assess the effectiveness of demand generation, sales, and customer success
  • Iterate the sales and customer success strategy as needed
  • Work closely with the Director of Marketing & Communications to iterate the demand generation strategy as needed
  • Hire and manage a team to support demand generation, sales, and customer success


  • Location:
    San Francisco
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

  • Able to think creatively about various possible growth paths, create a framework for prioritizing among many potential opportunities, and develop an action and hiring plan to enable Callisto to grow sustainably long-term
  • Able to discover the key value proposition to each potential partner type and create the appropriate pricing and offering tiers model
  • Able to determine the main pain point for each potential early partner and close initial partners as customers (as we grow, this will be done by a sales team, but initially this will be done by the Head of Strategy & Business Development)
  • Demonstrated ability to hire and manage new team members to fill gaps in the combined skill set of the team
  • Experience developing a strategic plan and/or business plan for an early-stage tech startup or a non-profit with a strong earned revenue stream