Binti builds software for foster care agencies around the country, helping them recruit and approve foster parents more quickly and allowing their social workers to spend more time on social work and less time on paperwork. Binti works with 32 of the 58 California counties as customers, and works with agencies across 11 states. Customers include the Counties of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Alameda and Orange, among others. There is so much software can do to improve outcomes for children in foster care and we view our current offerings as only the beginning.

Binti is a for-profit, mission-driven software company based in Oakland, CA. Investors include First Round Capital, Kapor Capital and others.

This role will be Binti's first full-time product hire. To date, Binti's CEO, Felicia Curcuru, has been the PM for the team. The role will take over being the PM for the team and work closely with Felicia on the product vision and direction. As the company's first PM hire, you’ll help define Binti’s product culture and practice extreme ownership over critical user-facing software that is literally finding kids homes.

The role will involve spending time talking to customers (both foster parents and social workers) to understand their problems, then coming up with elegant solutions to solve those problems. The PM will work closely with Binti's designer as part of the product development process. The PM will also work closely with the engineering team, prioritizing each sprint, scoping out features and giving feedback as the engineering team is working on them.


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Minimum qualifications

  • High empathy and ability to talk to customers and deeply understand their needs
  • Self-motivated, experienced PM who enjoys owning projects from inception to completion
  • Strong communication skills - ability to communicate effectively with customers as well as designers, engineers and other colleagues
  • Ability to make trade-offs and prioritize based on impact to customers and effort-level for engineering.
  • Strong ability to understand how to come up with V1s of features in order to solve as much of the customer need as possible with minimal effort
  • Startup DNA a must, including having a growth mindset, thriving in a changing environment, having a sense of urgency, and being comfortable with challenging the status quo
  • Track record of breaking through brick walls on your way to success
  • At least two years of professional PM experience at a tech company (this is a hard requirement for this role; please do not respond if you do not meet this qualification)