The Office of Performance Management and Open Data (OPMOD) is the go to resource for harnessing city data to drive citizen focused solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of city services while also providing unparalleled transparency into government operations.

We are a small team of public servants working at the highest levels of local government to use our expertise to create meaningful impact and help improve the lives of Chattanoogans. Our vales are the following: open by default, learning over accountability, asking for help shows strength, default to action, everyone has something to teach and work should be fun

We are seeking a new team member with similar values who wants to make a difference in Chattanooga.

Our Approach

  • Put users first - Start with users, not technology. Connect with the community about their needs and expectations, and test and refine solutions with the user.
  • Champion iterative, data-informed methods - Adopt an agile approach to technology and workflow design that uses prototyping, testing, and iteration to learn and improve over time, rather than "redesign".
  • Cultivate a learning community - Meet city employees enthusiasm with access to learning opportunities and cross-departmental and cross-discipline connection.

As part of this office, the Performance Analyst works with city departments and agencies to understand the end users needs, improve city processes and deliver value all in a data informed manner. If you are the type of person who falls in love with the problem as much as the solution, if you enjoy coaching others to excellence, if you get excited about process improvements and performance management, well then, this job is for you!

  • Serves as a resource to city departments in developing, reporting, and utilizing metrics.
  • Coaches city departments in lean and continuous improvement methods.
  • Demonstrates the ability to present complex information related to data, performance and evaluation to diverse audiences and stakeholders.
  • Coordinates with external stakeholders to evaluate the city's impact within the broader community.
  • Integrates user­ experience data into traditional, quantitative metrics for evaluation and insight development.
  • Assists departments with developing human centered approaches to service delivery.
  • Utilizes the city's open government platform to create effective monitoring and reporting systems that tie in to organizational decision ­making (e.g., budgetary, operational, strategic and otherwise).
  • Maintains and collaborates on designing the technology platform to allow for the effective monitoring of key performance indicators.
  • Ensures the regular collection of data and subsequent reporting of data for the city within the organization and to external stakeholders.
  • Sets critical targets and appropriate benchmarks based upon research of high­ performing public and private entities.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Skills and responsibilities

  • Knowledge of various research methodologies pertaining to organizational performance measurement. 
  • Knowledge of evaluation techniques and monitoring practices for implementation. 
  • Knowledge of lean and continuous improvement methods. 
  • Knowledge of human centered design methods. 
  • Ability to research and provide formal analyses and recommendations. 
  • Ability to analyze data to evaluate effectiveness and make recommendations based upon insights. 
  • Ability to understand both qualitative and quantitative aspects of data and performance measurement. 
  • Works collaboratively and maintains positive inter­departmental partnerships. 
  • Demonstrated capacity for innovation, self­-motivation, self-learning and goal achievement. 
  • Strong critical and creative thinking skills to assess and resolve problems or issues by gathering and assessing information and using independent, professional judgment. 
  • Skilled in working with a variety of internal and external stakeholders. 
  • Skilled in coaching and supporting teams, especially in performance management and lean continuous improvement. 
  • Skill in effective written and oral communications that articulate complex information and issues clearly and simply.
  • Skilled in gaining insight from quantitative and qualitative data.


  • Location:
  • Salary:
    , Please Note: Starting pay begins at the bottom of the salary range.
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

Six (6) years of any combination of relevant education, training or experience sufficient to perform the essential duties of the job will be considered.
Examples of relevant education include a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, Public Administration, Finance, Information Systems or any related field. Examples of relevant experience include two (2) years of utilizing data for operational or financial analysis.