We’re looking for a User Research Coordinator to support multiple teams in understanding the needs and behaviors of our residents.

Our team is working to improve a wide range of city services, which have included researching and redesigning our permitting processes (repo), prototyping ways to change behaviors around recycling and composting, building the next generation of CTXFloods(repo), and creating city-wide standards for interface design, web infrastructure, and automated testing with (repo).

You’ll also serve as an expert and educator in your discipline, establishing new practices that can work across departments and providing guidance and training for other fellows and city staff.

  • Lead design and development teams in agile processes to deliver world-class work
  • Actively monitor project risks and scope creep to identify potential problems and proactively identify solutions
  • Communicate and document project status and strategic recommendations to clients, team members and senior management on a regular basis; escalate issues accordingly
  • Establish processes for managing feedback and requirements from team members, stakeholders, and residents
  • Collaborate with stakeholders, vendors, and other city staff to develop new processes for agile procurement
  • Establish processes for managing resource allocations for Design, Technology, and Innovation Fellows across multiple projects and initiatives
  • Assist in developing and managing processes for recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding additional Design, Technology, and Innovation Fellows

Skills and responsibilities

  • One year of professional experience coordinating projects or logistics related to local government, design, technology, or community engagement
  • Interest in learning how to conduct inclusive and ethical user research in order to understand the needs, behaviors, and expectations of our residents
  • Excellent verbal, written, presentation, and interpersonal communications skills
  • Ability to deliver upon commitments with reliability and clear communication
  • Ability to quickly become familiar with emerging technologies
  • A passion for public service and a commitment to doing the hard work that’s necessary to improve our city services
  • Fluency in Spanish or other languages is a huge plus


  • Location:
  • Salary:
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

  • One year of relevant work experience