CivicFeed is an early stage start up that helps lawmakers, advocacy organizations, legislators, and media companies traverse the legislative-political ecosystem.  We leverage AI to aggregate and analyze legislative data (bills, news sources, press releases, etc.) at the state and federal level and offer a better interface for searching the data and staying up to date with changes.  We believe that by better understanding the text and context of law, we can fundamentally improve the way politics and media are communicated.

Joining the CivicFeed product team as one of the first employee hires for the company, you’ll be tasked with helping expand the product feature set to better serve existing customers and create opportunities for market expansion.  This role blends product management, business analytics and business development requiring you to use business insights and analytics, in conjunction with your prior experience working in the legislative, political or advocacy space to inform product decisions.  You’ll engage with customers to gather product feedback, manage the product roadmap and prioritize internal initiatives. The ideal candidate will have product management experience in an advocacy organization or civic tech company.

Skills and responsibilities

·  Work closely with management to define and execute the product roadmap
·  Utilize industry knowledge in conjunction with insights from product interviews and customer usage to help drive feature definition
·  Support over all company goals by working cross functionally in other areas, including biz dev, operations, and project management.


  • Location:
    Los Angeles
  • This job is remote friendly.
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications