The New York City Department of Education (DOE) school system is the largest in the country, composed of approximately 1.1 million students and 75,000+ teachers in over 1,800 schools.

The Office of Data Management (ODM) is part of the Office of Policy and Evaluation (OPE), within the Division of Teaching and Learning (DT&L). OPE is the primary source of data analysis, research, and academic policy for the DOE. ODM is the business intelligence unit of the DOE. Team members process assessment data, support a growing SQL repository of DOE data systems, build data tools that support instruction, fulfill data requests from across Central offices, serve as data consultants and thought partners, project-manage the reporting of data to the state’s longitudinal data system, and produce documentation to support data users throughout the organization.

With guidance from ODM leadership, the Business/Reporting Analyst plays a critical role in driving excellence in academic data reporting, analytics, and knowledge management. The Analyst analyzes reporting requirements in relation to DOE policies and data assets; fulfills internal data requests; conducts systems analysis/programming (operational application systems and relational databases); documents data systems and processes; creates resources to support the continuous improvement of DOE programs and data analytics; and works with ODM colleagues, DOE program offices and technical partners to develop and improve business rules for data reporting. Additionally, the Analyst may provide guidance to the junior Technical Writer/Analyst around documentation and quality assurance processes, depending on business needs.

Skills and responsibilities

• Assist in the planning, development, and administration of academic data collection and reporting systems that fulfill state and federal requirements.
• Review and evaluate local, state and federal education policies that impact rules and processes for collecting and reporting data.
• Liaise between program offices and technical partners to develop business rules for transforming and reporting data, including teams from the Division of Teaching and Learning, the Division of English Language Learners and Student Support (DELLSS), and the Division of Specialized Instruction and Student Support (DSISS).
• Provide technical assistance in academic program development and evaluation by documenting stakeholders, business rules, requirements, processes, and outcomes.
• Develop and communicate policy and program insights based on rigorous analysis of reported data.
• Develop project analyses and programming routines using structured query language (SQL) and analytical tools.
• Compile reporting and analytics knowledge management resources that support student learning and achievement and continuous improvement of NYC DOE programs and policies.
• Perform analyses to provide validation and quality assurance support.
• Support data management activities: communicate objectives and guidelines; provide support; ensure desired outcomes.
• Implement work plans and project schedules based on the scope and time frames set by the team leader, external and internal clients, and other stakeholders. Liaise with DIIT as needed.
• Design and develop reports that will be used to measure data quality and inform users.
• Participate in the solution design to ensure consistency between requirements and specifications.
• Identify and escalate issues to leadership team as necessary; provide suggestions for resolution.
• Quickly assess and resolve complex issues, ranging from data management to customer service.
• Provide regular status reports to the team leader and other ODM leadership, as required; represent the data management team by working cross-functionally with ODM colleagues and program offices.


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  • Salary: , Based on education and experience per civil service requirements.
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Minimum qualifications

Qualification Requirements
1. A master’s degree from an accredited college in education, guidance, educational administration and supervision, or a related field; or
2. A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college and one (1) year of full-time satisfactory professional experience in educational program administration, career or occupational program administration, or as a state certified or licensed teacher; or
3. A four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent approved by a State's department of education or a recognized accrediting organization plus five (5) years of full-time, satisfactory professional experience in education administration in one or more of the areas listed in "2" above; or
4. A combination of education and/or experience which is equivalent to the requirements in "1," "2," and “3” above. However, all candidates must have at least an approved four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent.

Preferred qualifications

• Experience in data analytics and reporting.
• Experience working with data integrity and improving processes for increased data quality.
• Experience gathering business requirements from business owners, program offices, and/or subject matter experts (SMEs).
• Experience designing and executing quality assurance tests.
• Experience writing technical and user documentation, business requirements documents, and standard operating procedures.
• Prior experience working in a fast-paced, complex working environment.
• Analytical, process-oriented thinker and problem-solver.
• Ability to perform independent research, data collection, and analysis.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Strong strategic thinking and project management skills, attention to detail, and the ability to proactively identify key issues and risks.
• Ability to work independently and adapt quickly to changing priorities.
• Knowledge of best practices in data governance, analysis and reporting.
• Working knowledge of the public sector and/or demonstrated interest in public education.
• Excellent interpersonal skills in working with technical and non-technical personnel.
• Ability to provide leadership and guidance to junior staff as needed.
• Excellent command of SQL; understanding of relational databases.
• Knowledge of Business Intelligence Reporting tools.
• Experience using project management tools.
• Highly proficient in Microsoft Office applications, e.g., Excel, Word, Access, and Visio.