The team consist of the Director of Infrastructure who is carrying out 40% of the Devops work.

Skills and responsibilities

Create and improve Docker images for a variety of application types. Create and administer relational databases in RDS and Redshift - user access, security, performance, scaling. Create and improve developer tools, e.g. for deployment. Administer a Mesosphere DC/OS cluster with several services, e.g. Kafka, Cassandra. 

Create Cloudformation templates for infrastructure in AWS. Setup monitoring and metrics using Datadog, Pingdom, NewRelic,, VictorOps. Respond to site and service outages with an on-call schedule. 
Work with software engineers and managers to support their usage of our services and platform. Improve and standardize processes, and create documentation. 


  • Location:
  • Deadline: n/a


Minimum qualifications

2 to 5 years of production DevOps experience. Proficient with core AWS technologies: EC2, RDS, VPC Networking, Cloudformation, IAM.

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