The Judicial Council of California is accepting applications for the position of Analyst for the Criminal Justice Services (CJS) office. CJS oversees and coordinates Judicial Council efforts related to criminal justice in order to improve efficiencies and provide assistance to courts, justice system partners, and the public. CJS performs a broad range of legal, program, and research functions to facilitate the council’s obligations related to criminal justice policy, procedures, and court administration. 

  • Research, collect, and organize detailed descriptions of local court policies and procedures related to imposition of infraction fines and fees, case processing and ability to pay determinations.
  • Research, strategize, and evaluate potential technology solutions to assist judges and court administrators in processing infraction cases and also obtaining appropriate financial information relevant to an individual’s ability to pay.  
  • Research potential needs and vendor/consultant capabilities related to all aspects of software development for case processing and ability to pay determinations.
  • Coordinate the process for vendor/consultant selection. Work with Contracts and Procurement units of Judicial Council to seek and secure agreements with appropriate consultants and develop contractual agreements. 


  • Location:
    San Francisco
  • Salary:
    , Starting salary $6,173 per month
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications