The NYC Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity (NYC Opportunity) works to reduce poverty and broaden opportunity by advancing the use of data and evidence in program and policy design, service delivery, and budget decisions.

NYC Opportunity develops and manages a portfolio of citywide digital products that help the City address poverty-related challenges. These include public-facing services as well as tools for City staff to better serve clients. The digital product team conducts user research, creates user experiences, and works closely with internal and outside technology teams to prototype, develop, and set ongoing strategy for these digital services.

As the leader of the Product team, you oversee the creation, delivery, measurement, and continuous improvement of NYC Opportunity’s growing portfolio of citywide digital tools. The challenges faced by City residents are often complex and multi-faceted, cutting across the responsibilities of individual agencies. Our Office builds tools that help the City understand and serve residents more holistically. We also design and create public-facing applications to help residents access information, benefits and services more easily. The Product Director drives the strategy to extend these existing tools while also identifying, prioritizing and executing on additional product opportunities.

The Product Director serves as a member of our Office’s interdisciplinary senior leadership team. Because NYC Opportunity works across City agencies, you are exposed to a broad range of issues faced by low-income New Yorkers, as well as the departments, programs, and resources that exist to provide a response. As technology and devices become more advanced and ubiquitous, solutions can be increasingly more personalized, analytical, adaptive, and scalable. Your role is to harness these possibilities and implement digital products that help the City address its residents’ most critical needs.

The right leader will have a strong vision for how to translate New York City’s data and program assets into discrete digital tools; the operational savvy to guide high quality, citywide products; and, the acumen to work across agencies to help achieve policy goals.

Skills and responsibilities

Reporting to the Executive Director, you will:
  • Manage a multi-disciplinary team that includes product managers, business analyst, content strategist, and training and outreach specialist.
  • Drive NYC Opportunity’s product strategy and roadmaps for existing and new products, identifying and prioritizing compelling new opportunities and overseeing timelines and scope.
  • Launch and iterate high-quality products that have a demonstrable impact on the lives of low-income New Yorkers, and bring the insights and experience of the people who use, deliver, and administer government services to shape product features.
  • Collaborate across NYC Opportunity teams, and represent the Product team to the NYC Opportunity leadership and partners.
  • Hold relationships with partner agencies and other stakeholders and help the team navigate the City.
  • Provide feedback and approve content for products and APIs.
  • Manage procurement and contracting with vendors.
  • Oversee product outreach, training and customer service.
  • Maintain relationships with government, nonprofit and private-sector leaders that advance the mission of NYC Opportunity.
  • Keep abreast of trends and enable the team to adapt and apply as appropriate.
  • Speak publicly, write, and share on social media about our work.


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Minimum qualifications

Master's Degree in technology or equivalent preferred with 7+ years of professional experience in digital services and technology development.