BallotReady creates nonpartisan voter guides so voters know what they’re voting for every election. Three years old, BallotReady has received funding from the University of Chicago, the Knight Foundation, and the National Science Foundation, and we have a fantastic nonpartisan board of advisors led by David Axelrod and Mike Murphy. BallotReady is a past winner of a Chicago Innovation Award, Builtin’s Moxie Award, and a two-time finalist for startup of the year. 

In 2016, BallotReady was live with a free voter guide in 12 states, covering 15,000 candidates and saw over 1 million visits to the site. Now, we’re expanding to all 50 states for the November 2018 midterm elections, all the way downballot.

We are a company of twelve, with two female co-founders. Our team is passionate about politics and democracy and we love geeking out about the weird and wonderful minutia of local elections. 

BallotReady works with advocacy groups, nonprofits, unions, and PACs to help them inform and mobilize their members. We create digital custom voter guides, slate cards, make a plan to vote tools, and candidate recruitment platforms for our partners, powered by the most comprehensive database to local politics. 

Skills and responsibilities

The Director of Business Development and Partnerships will be responsible for leading BallotReady sales in order to meet our goals for growth and sustainability in 2018. This includes:
  • Devising and implementing the BallotReady’s sales strategy for 2018, and monitoring its effectiveness
    Setting revenue targets and tracking key performance indicators in order to meet quarterly goals
  • Developing processes to streamline sales operations, shorten the sales cycle, and increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Hiring, training, and managing BallotReady’s sales team
  • Implementing strategies for effective lead generation, including cold outreach and an inbound program
  • Representing BallotReady at conferences, panels, and other promotional events
  • Meeting with potential customers, crafting proposals, and negotiating contracts
  • Building and maintaining strong, long-lasting relationships with clients

The next couple of years represent an incredibly important moment for elections and our country. We're looking for someone committed to our mission of creating a more informed democracy. 


  • Location:
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

  • A nonpartisan commitment to helping create a better-functioning democracy
  • Proven track record of setting goals, developing a strategy, and meeting benchmarks
  • Exceptional analytical skills, including the ability to collect and analyze data, draw conclusions, and change tactics in response
  • An affinity for creating and improving systems; an obsession with tracking metrics
  • Interest in product design as it relates to larger sales and marketing strategy 
  • Creativity, a willingness to experiment and try new things
  • Interest in shaping the direction of a new organization

Preferred qualifications

  • Previous experience working in a startup environment preferred
  • Previous experience working with advocacy groups, unions, or campaigns preferred