The Center for Civic Design is a small-but-mighty and growing non-profit organization where we think democracy is a design problem. And, we believe that better design can help ensure voter intent. Our work to improve elections includes research grants, practical projects with local and state elections office, and knowledge sharing through training.

You'll report to the co-directors and board. 

Our perfect business manager is someone who has brought companies through important transitions and growth spurts. The right person cares deeply about financial management best practices for small-but-growing companies that are on a mission.

You’re passionate about ensuring that the finances are in order. Not only do the bills get paid on time, but you also make sure the financial footing of the company is solid now and for the future. You see working with a company that has a diverse revenue portfolio as an exciting challenge.

In this position, you’ll work closely with the co-directors to provide strong financial management for the organization.  You know your way around Quickbooks, but we can count on you to manage everything from expense reimbursements to accounts receivable to reporting the financial health of the company to the directors and the board.

You’ll take over the bookkeeping, and manage the finances and financial reporting, as well as our payroll and benefits services. You’ll help us know that we’re compliant on HR, and you’ll be our go-to expert on business registrations in 3 states.

You would have a key role in the budgeting and finances of every project. You’d help us refine our budgets and deal with contracts and invoicing building great relationships with our funders and project partners.

You are comfortable working with a remote team and find it fun to manage the challenges of having staff in several states and directing your own work schedule.

Much of your work is done remotely, but we are looking for someone in the metro Washington DC/Baltimore area, who can work at least 2 days a month at our office in Cambridge, MD.

This is a position that can grow with you, starting at 5 days a month, and expanding as you take on more responsibilities.

Skills and responsibilities

  • Manage the regular bookkeeping and maintain CCD business records in a way that supports audits and financial reviews, as well as setting up and managing a paperwork destruction policy.
  • Create (and design) monthly reports that communicate the status of each grant or project.
  • Manage and approve expense reimbursements and other A/P.
  • Track A/R and follow up on missing payments as needed.
  • Manage HR benefits, reimbursements, payroll, unemployment insurance vendors and legal compliance.
  • Monitor payroll tax payments and business registrations in multiple states and related corporate filing.
  • Track and manage financial reporting requirements for all projects.
  • Help create financial reports for projects and the organization’s annual report.
  • Work with each client or funder to ensure that our paperwork is in order, that invoices are paid electronically when possible, and that the financial side of the project runs smoothly.
  • Support proposal development with creating and reviewing budgets and assembling proposal materials.
  • Support the organization with administrative logistics and recruiting for board and projects meetings, including business arrangements needed for locations and travel.
  • Report to the Directors (regularly) and Board (quarterly) to communicate the financial health of the organization.
  • Coordinate with our accountant on good bookkeeping practices and to prepare for audits.


  • Location:
    Much of your work is done remotely, but we are looking for someone in the metro Washington DC/Baltimore area, who can work at least 2 days a month at our office in Cambridge, MD.
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

The right person for this job will have:
  • Experience working with small business bookkeeping and business management
  • Excellent skills with QuickBooks, handling multiple projects, journal entries, and tracking both 1099 contractors and payroll entries
  • Strong skills using cloud-based financial tools, including payroll, benefits management, and expense reporting
  • Strong skills using current office programs like Word and Excel
  • Experience with online communications like team chat and cloud-based file storage
  • Comfort with remote tools and working with a team that is not co-located
  • Ability to manage your own workload and deadlines

Bonus points for:
  • Speaking and writing Spanish
  • Experience working non-profits, or government and foundation grant funding