The CA-MMIS Division is responsible for the overall administration, oversight, and monitoring of the Medi-Cal Fiscal Intermediary (FI) contract, a $1.6 billion administrative services contract. The FI maintains and operates the existing legacy CA-MMIS, the primary system used to process over $22 billion a year in payments to health care providers.

The Division is also responsible for the design, development and implementation (DD&I) of a replacement system for the existing CA-MMIS.

The Division will employ an agile development approach to implement a modular, digital services-based solution to replace the existing system, with inspiration taken from USDS, 18F, and other established digital service teams.

Under the general direction of the Multi-Sourcing Integration Branch Manager (ITM II), the incumbent has full management and oversight responsibility for the CA-MMIS Division’s Product Management Section. The incumbent will plan, organize, and direct the activities of multiple Digital Services Teams (DSTs) responsible for the successful DD&I and ongoing support of a modular digital services solution to replace the existing CA-MMIS.
The incumbent is a member of the CA-MMIS senior management team.

The existing CA-MMIS is a large, highly automated, complex and interrelated system that depends on the operation of a large data center hosted by the FI vendor.  It is a nearly 40 year-old legacy system consisting of over 90 applications, written in seven computer languages, managed through five different software management tools, five data management systems, and hosted across three major hardware architectures – mainframe, UNIX and Windows computer servers. The CA-MMIS processes over $22 billion in provider payments yearly.  
The incumbent will have full management responsibility for the staff and activities of the Product Management Section, and will need to work with internal and external management and staff to coordinate and achieve the goals and objectives of the Section as well as CA-MMIS in general.

Skills and responsibilities

  1. Serve as the manager for the Product Management Section. Plan, organize, and direct the work of multiple multidisciplinary Digital Service Teams, responsible for the design and implementation of a modular digital services replacement solution for the existing legacy CA-MMIS. Perform administrative, supervision and management tasks in support of the Section. Set priorities, assign tasks and make decisions about features and technical implementation details based on user, policy, technical, and business requirements for the CA-MMIS digital services solution. Develop and prioritize all digital service products and backlogs. Establish measurable goals, performance standards and expectations, and monitor staff achievement towards established benchmarks.
  2. Develop an expert understanding of the users’ needs and champion them through the delivery of the products. Define, explain and iterate a product vision that is compelling to the product’s users, teams and stakeholders. Engage with users and stakeholders through a range of channels to promote the digital service strategy and products and encourage acceptance and use of the product. Provide leadership, oversight and coaching to keep teams focused on product delivery and iteratively improving it through the required delivery cycles. Facilitate regular digital service manager meetings to ensure appropriate and adequate communications across all teams. Oversee and manage risks and issues through resolution. Ensure product meets digital service standards and applies principles that help to maximize value and ensure a good user experience. Lead and/or participate in the development of issue papers, talking points for management presentations, action requests, Feasibility Study Reports, Special Project Reports, Advanced Planning Documents, Budget Change Proposals, and progress/status reports.
  3. Oversee the development, implementation and maintenance of policies, procedures, standards and tools to facilitate the work of the Section. Oversee and ensure the teams’ compliance with the policies, procedure and standards. Develop and implement ongoing process improvement plans and strategies. 


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