We build software for frontline staff to support people with mental illness, chemical dependencies, and who are homeless – creating a safer, more connected future. 

For police officers, it helps verbally de-escalate the situation, connect people to local services, and pulls them out of the criminal justice system. For healthcare clinicians, it provides key information on the street so they can provide medical care for those who are homeless.  

We are a startup, based in San Francisco. We are launched with one police agency, building a prototype for a public health department, and expanding quickly.

We are a YC-backed startup (Summer 2017), at SXSW 2017 won a national govtech award for our work, and have spoken at the White House as Subject Matter Experts (2016). We are the Technology and Data Subject Matter Experts for a national grant under the Department of Justice for a national learning center to improve police responses to those with mental illness.  

At RideAlong, we believe that user-centered design is essential to making a good product that solves a real need - police and communities alike. We value empathy for our users and those affected by the app and take a highly collaborative approach to working with law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. 

Ideally you’ve worked on a production Rails app (we’re on Rails 5). We are looking for a “heads up” engineer – you will write plenty of code, work with clients, guide our technical direction, and help us grow the company. 

When it comes to agile we are pragmatic, not dogmatic. We value collaboration and problem solving: you should too. 

Our current stack is: Postgres, Rails 5, and jQuery. We develop and deploy to containers using Docker on a mix of on-prem and AWS.

Skills you have or have a chance to learn: containerized workflows, hybrid cloud deployments, regulation compliance (including HIPAA and/or CJIS), and experience with critical systems. 

With our company you will build software that saves lives of people with mental illness, chemical dependencies, and homeless. You will be assisting government staff to better serves these folks and their families. 

This is your chance to build software that saves lives and makes a tangible impact.


  • Location:
    San Francisco
    Working in PT
  • This job is remote friendly.
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