Callisto is a rapidly growing nonprofit tech startup that has created an online sexual assault reporting and documentation system that helps identify serial sexual predators. The system launched 2.5 years ago on 2 pilot college campuses, and has since grown to 13 colleges and an entertainment industry pilot. Reporting on participating campuses has doubled, assaults have been reported 3 times faster, and 15% of victims have matched with another victim of the same assailant (meaning they were informed that they weren't the only one and connected to the same investigator or legal advisor). In the next year, we will be rapidly expanding to address sexual assault and coercion in multiple industries, connecting victims of the same predator together and with legal support.

We are looking for a talented Business Development and Sales Leader with broad experience in business development, marketing and sales. You will manage a small and growing team at this fast-paced, nonprofit tech startup working to solve a complex problem in the social justice, data security, and legal space. This position will be based in San Francisco. You will oversee business development and sales strategy for all of the industries Callisto is active in or expanding to, including academia and technology, and you will be responsible for overseeing the execution of your strategy.

Skills and responsibilities

  • Create an overarching framework for our growth plan, sales roadmap and customer journey
  • Develop criteria to evaluation prospective industries, partners and competitors
  • Speak on behalf of the organization with new industry partners
  • Identify and track key metrics to assess effectiveness of sales and customer success
  • Manage a team of 2 with anticipated growth to 4 or more within 3 months


  • Location:
    San Francisco
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

  • Ability and willingness to hire new team members to fill gaps you identify in the combined skill set of the team
  • Consistently demonstrated leadership skills
  • Broad-based business skillset encompassing business development, sales and marketing
  • MBA preferred, comparable degrees or equivalent work experience welcome
  • Alignment with and energized by Callisto’s mission of using tech to combat sexual assault and create a world where sexual assault is rare & survivors are supported