We are looking for great engineers to form the foundation of our engineering team for years to come. If you want to create a meaningful impact on the world with technology; if you share our belief that bringing empathy to our customers, our product, and our team will bring success; and if you are always on the lookout to get better at what you do, Boundless is the right place for you.

We are a small (for now) team of designers and engineers working out of Pioneer Square, Seattle. We work with Rails, React, Redux, and React Native.

In this role, during your first month you will: 
  • Be assigned a mentor, who will pair with you most of the time as you learn about our codebase, our deployment, and our process.
  • Work with your mentor and our design team to ship a complete feature for our mobile or web application.
  • Periodically join our customer support lines and customer feedback sessions to hear directly from immigrants about their concerns, problems, and frustrations in their immigration journey.
Within three months, you will: 
  • Look at usage metrics, measure the effectiveness of your feature, and make adjustments to improve its effectiveness. 
  • Make a mistake! You will then run through our operational process to recover from the mistake, have a blameless learning session about the issue, and implement action items for us not to repeat the same mistake in the future.
  • Work with your manager to identify three personal development goals for yourself and identify concrete steps to reach these goals.
  • Continue pairing with other team members until you are comfortable working on your own in our codebase. 
Within a year, you will: 
  • Have an innate understanding of our customers, so that you will be able to identify an important problem, come up with ideas to solve this problem, and work with others in the engineering, design, marketing, and customer success teams to solve this problem.
  • Contribute to our infrastructure, automation, and testing to ensure a sustainable work environment for our team.
  • Help the newer members of our ever-growing team have an ever-improving onboarding and learning experience.
  • Play an essential role in building an inclusive and high-performing culture at Boundless.


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Minimum qualifications

The only requirement for this position is to be able to code in JavaScript or Ruby at production quality. We believe passion for learning always beats experience.