The San Francisco Digital Services Team is transforming how residents interact with the city by building services designed around the people that use them. Led by the Chief Digital Services Officer, the team is comprised of product managers, designers, business analysts, developers, and content strategists. Four fundamental principles guide our task: put the needs of residents first, focus on delivery and outcomes over process, promote an agile and data driven culture, and make City services accessible to everyone. We have some exciting and high-profile products in our pipeline, including re-building the city’s website from the ground up, affordable housing applications, and registering new cannabis businesses.

We need an experienced content designer to join San Francisco’s Digital Services Team. You’ll need to do more than just write simple, clear UX content, although you’ll need to be great at that. We need someone with a proven ability to:

  • Focus on the user.
  • Simplify the process.
  • Work in small, agile, multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Fight content by committee.
  • Make digital services that are clear and easy to use (for both external users and City staff).
  • Fight for inclusive, accessible language.

Skills and responsibilities

Lead UX content design on digital products

  • Identify user and organizational needs through interviews, conversations, workshops, and analytics research.
  • Navigate the organisation and build strong professional relationships with everyone from lawyers to stakeholders to get what’s best for the user.
  • Ensure the team has a situational awareness of what each other is working on and how this relates to practical government objectives and user needs.
Deliver clear, user-centered content

  • Create simple, concise, accessible UX content that meets user needs. You’ll be working in a fast-paced, collaborative environment. You’ll write landing pages, forms, navigation labels, notifications, research findings, blogs, and information across an entire service.
  • Incorporate continuous feedback from users, peers, and stakeholders by leading content-focused usability and critique sessions.
  • Make complex language and processes easy to understand.
  • Measuring and evaluating outcomes for content.
  • Maintain consistency and contribute to our content style guide. In some cases you’ll need to work with departments to create and standardise their style.
Build content design across the City

  • We’re building more than digital services: we’re building a culture and community of content design. We need someone generous and opinionated who will contribute to and revise content resources, blogs, and mentor other content designers.


  • Location:
    San Francisco
  • Salary:
  • Deadline: n/a


Minimum qualifications

  • 3+ years of experience designing UX content for end-to-end consumer-facing digital products.

Preferred qualifications

  • A history of taking risks and learning from mistakes.
  • Understanding of how to approach complex challenges.
  • A history of fighting ‘content by committee.
  • Experience working in an agile way to build digital products in a fast paced, evolving environment.
  • Ability to iterate quickly by writing, editing, and collaborating on drafts.
  • Experience using data and analytics to make decisions about content.
  • Experience explaining decision-making to senior stakeholders.
  • Experience building prototypes with a team, getting feedback from users, and iterating based on research.
  • Experience building or contributing to content patterns and standards, policies, roadmaps and vision statements.
  • Experience with a variety of prototyping methods.
  • Experience working in government.
  • Understanding of security and data protection issues.