Nantucket Data Platform was formed in early 2017 with the goal of creating a reservoir of reliable data along with effective data tools to help assist decision makers in undertaking astute, evidence-based decision making.

Like many communities, Nantucket has a plethora of public and private data.  But it lives in silos.  The goal of NDP is to aggregate the data, curate it, and merge it with a variety of third party data.  Analysis can follow through internal capabilities but also by providing our data to third party data scientists.

The effort has garnered so much attention and support because of its pioneering view of how data can support successes across the entire community.  When we build a successful platform for Nantucket, we believe we can scale the idea (the “Community Data Platform”) nationally.

The ideal candidate for this position will be inspired by this initiative, can undertake data analysis, provide data leadership within the firm, meet with customers to understand data opportunities, communicate out actionable opportunities, and help envision and build a scalable business.  While some travel to Nantucket is required, this job can be executed remotely.

Skills and responsibilities

Responsibilities and duties

  • Interview and manage data clients
  • Identify opportunities for customers in data
  • Work with team to evolve the Nantucket Data Platform into a community resource supporting three key client groups: government, business, non-profits
  • Collaborate in scaling the Data Platform model to other communities across the U.S.
  • Ability to organize, manage, and complete actionable data projects, which deliver on objectives and schedule
  • Manage two junior data miners
  • Oversee database creation and manipulation  
  • Manage data vendors
  • Undertake data analytics
  • Write short, actionable stories backed by data
  • Make presentations to internal team, Advisory Board, public
  • Lead dashboard and other data visualization efforts


  • Data fluency, including data sourcing, acquisition, and curation methods
  • Management of small teams
  • Exceptional project management skills – has owned and completed their own projects
  • Customer interviews or management of customer interviews
  • Data analysis – particularly regarding manipulating and creating databases
  • Building and maintaining dashboards and other data visualization tools
  • Interacting with user interfaces
  • Dashboard experience (a plus)
  • API experience (a plus)


  • Curious
  • Diligent
  • Collaborative – we don’t care who’s right – we care what’s right


  • Location:
    While some travel to Nantucket is required, this job can be executed remotely.
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

Preferred qualifications


  • Post undergraduate (five years)
  • Data analyst experience (three years)
  • Project management experience