Cook County - home to the City of Chicago - is America's second largest county. 

The Chief Data Officer will be an employee of the Bureau of Technology, which is an Office under the County Board President. 

The Chief Data Officer’s (CDO’s) role is to provide organizational governance and policy directives around data usage and lead the effort to ensure that the best information is accessible for facilitating data-driven decision making and innovation across the County. Works with the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Performance Officer (CPO), County-wide IT leaders and other business unit leaders to optimize the use of data in setting and driving the President’s agenda along the key policy areas. The CDO develops methodology enabling consistent application and utilization of data analytics and advances a culture of leveraging data to identify trends and support performance management.

Manages a team of information management professionals as well as staff responsible for technological aspects of communication including websites, social media, email communications, video and audio. Organizes and leads a Data Governance Council (DGC) to apply the precepts of data principles; standards; policies; and guidelines.

Oversees the integration and staging of data as well as the development and maintenance of the data warehouse and data mart. Works with stakeholders, County-wide, to engage in predictive analytics, create and optimize dashboards and other tools, and further the use of data to better deliver responsive services to County residents.

Skills and responsibilities

Key Responsibilities and Duties

Assess the County’s data practice(s) and develop plans to create a data-driven culture that pushes the President’s policy agenda forward.

Manipulates data to inform executive policy decisions.

Manages and enhances open government data effort including defining standards and coordinating how Cook County offers Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Engages internal (County) and external stakeholders to drive awareness and constructive usage of open data.

Identifies various sources of data to drive business innovation throughout the organization.

Analyzes and interprets data to provide suggestions for improving processes and better achieving desired outcomes with County programs and policies.

Uses techniques such as data mining, statistical analysis and modeling for new features and to solve problems, especially related to social science.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Competency in the following foundational concepts:

  • Programming in Python
  • Working with Jupyter Notebooks
  • Differentiating data sources
  • Exploring data visually
  • Mapping data, particularly using geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Building a data schema
  • Linking datasets
Knowledge of current computer and electronic data processing systems and technology solutions to business problems.

Advanced mathematical skills and knowledge of probability and statistics.

Strong knowledge of system analysis, computer programming and computer operations. Skill planning, directing and coordinating the myriad operational details and projects.

Skill estimating resource requirements (staffing and system equipment) as well as estimating the cost of maintaining production services.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills with demonstrated management and supervisory abilities.


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Minimum qualifications

Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, statistics, engineering, economics or a related field, PLUS a minimum of five (5) years of experience manipulating data in an information technology environment including three (3) years of leadership experience as a manager or director, OR an equivalent combination of professional work experience, training, and education.

Preferred qualifications

An advanced degree in a quantitatively rigorous field of study.

Three (3) years of experience in the public sector or a large governmental organization.

Experience with Socrata software platform.