The Connecticut Data Collaborative is looking for a lead developer with data science experience to help our small team expand the breadth of our work and support our mission of changing policy through open data. 

We are a small non-profit, that works closely with state government, to help make data open and accessible. Striving for informed decision-making across Connecticut, we are empowering an ecosystem of data users by democratizing access to public, open data and building data literacy.

If you take this position, you’ll be asked to:
  • Develop interactive data visualizations for state-wide constituents
  • Develop workflows for processing and analyzing complex datasets with a focus on reproducibility
  • Help enhance functionality for
  • Contribute to open source tools that solve day-to-day problems for the Collaborative and others in the open government data community 

Skills and responsibilities

We use a range of technologies including:

  • Python, particularly Django and Flask for web application development
  • React, Leaflet and D3 for developing data visualizations and user interfaces
  • PostgreSQL
  • CKAN
  • R and Python (including Jupyter) tocleaning and testing data
  • GitHub for version control
  • Ansible and Docker for server configuration and application deployment
  •  Amazon Web Services (including, but not limited to S3, EC2 and more recently Lambda for single purpose API development) for infrastructure

    You don’t need to know all of these, but you should have demonstrable experience and knowledge of more than one and be able to show that you can rapidly acquire new technology skills as needed. 


  • Location:
  • Salary: , Competitive based on experience
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

Preferred qualifications

Would be great to have:

  • Awareness of and experience with open data tools and a variety of different data storage technologies
  • Understanding of open source software
  • Familiarity with modern visualization tools that users could leverage to improve data understanding