M+R is 130 smart people who help nonprofits achieve real, lasting change. We mobilize supporters, raise money, and move the media, the public, and decision-makers. We only work with clients we believe in. We take risks. We work hard. We’re leaders, we're organizers, and we don't stop until we win. 

M+R is looking for our next Associate to join one of the best firms in the business to work on cutting-edge online advocacy and fundraising campaigns. You’ll be helping progressive, public-interest nonprofits like Planned Parenthood, League of Conservation Voters, American Cancer Society, and Red Cross recruit online activists, influence public policy, raise money online, and deepen relationships with their supporters.

When you come work for us, here’s what you’ll find:

  • Work that is awesome. We are serious about working with clients who are changing the world and alleviating suffering. And, we say no to clients if we don’t believe in their cause or if we can’t help them. 
  • Colleagues you can count on. Kind, dedicated, and pretty cool people who get things done, and help you to do your best, too.
  • A critical, fearless approach. Every day we say and do the things that must be said and done, even if the consequences aren’t exactly a barrel of laughs.
  • Creativity that just won’t quit. We want you to bring your wacky self to work every day. Not just because it’s fun, but because the wildest idea just might be the thing that works.

So that’s us. Now about the work…

  • We run online advocacy and fundraising campaigns. Great big ones you read about in the news and tiny ones you’ve never heard of that are saving lives. Lots of politically progressive groups – Planned Parenthood, League of Conservation Voters, PETA, Sierra Club, etc. Cultural organizations we love, like the Smithsonian and Central Park Conservancy. And many causes that are working in the most dire situations in the world such as the American Red Cross and Oxfam.
  • Day-to-day, we’re figuring out how to recruit supporters, influence policy, raise money, hold corporations accountable, make the most of news moments, and leave no idea unconsidered that might engage regular people in the world around them.This is a job where you’ll get incredible training at a speedy clip. You’ll need one to three years of relevant work experience and be looking to learn online advocacy and fundraising from the ground up.

Skills and responsibilities

The Job:

  • Work in a team to create and implement effective digital campaigns for clients;
  • Manage eCRM technology such as Salsa and Convio to code email communications in HTML;
  • Run queries and create client reports to track email messaging,  advocacy campaigns, membership recruitment, and return on investment;
  • Execute A/B testing plan, to optimize campaigns;
  • Pull and analyze data and help draft memos on campaign results;
  • Help draft action alerts, social media copy, and other creative materials;
  • Manage paid online advertising and other email list growth initiatives;
  • Project management: Keep task lists, meetings agendas, and communications calendars across your clients;
  • Wrangle teammates at all levels to keep your teams running smoothly.


  • Location:
    Positions also available in New York, NY and Washington, DC.
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications


  • Want a job where you'll continually be challenged and grow your skill sets;
  • Thrive in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment;
  • Are a numbers person and a words person;
  • Can code basic HTML by hand (not using a program or tool);
  • Have an acute attention to detail and don’t drop the ball;
  • Are no stranger to hard work and do what it takes to get the job done;
  • Take ownership of and initiative in everything you do, including speaking up when you think there's a better way to do something;
  • Understand how to work in a team and love collaboration;
  • Solve problems creatively and thoughtfully;
  • Have been known to turn a phrase and want to develop compelling online campaigns;
  • Can crunch numbers in Excel and draw insights from the results;
  • Feel passionate about changing the world and think technology has a big role to play;
  • Are kind, friendly, and don’t take yourself too seriously.