As a Product Designer at Socrata, you’ll make products that help top governments do amazing things:

  • deliver value to citizens through rich, insightful data and information
  • improve collaboration and the flow of data within the government
  • build data visualizations and tell great stories about their data to help everyday people understand current events and policy
  • democratize data in ways that have a profound and positive impact on society

Most of the data and information that governments have is locked in file cabinets or databases, inaccessible to the public or even the public servants themselves. Socrata’s mission is to democratize that data, making it not only accessible and machine readable, but also helping governments and government employees turn data into valuable information, useful experiences, and life-saving insights.

Design is an important function at Socrata that not only helps make delightful products, but also plays an essential role in determining what problems we solve, why we solve them, and how to solve these problems in a human-centered way. We have a growing design team that works collaboratively with product management and is embedded within a cross-functional product and engineering team, allowing each designer to focus and ship great work.

You will be a part of the core team who will do all the research, design, and implementation for Socrata products. You’ll help decide what our products and services will look like and how they will behave. Working alongside many stakeholders (and many strong opinions!), you will play a key role in design strategy and its tactical implementation. In return, you’ll learn a ton about the unique challenges we have exclusively serving the public sector and government customers and work with an incredibly talented team of engineers, designers, and product managers.

Skills and responsibilities

  • Work on a product development team focused on a major user-facing area of Socrata products.
  • Identify high impact features that achieve user and business goals, and be able to clearly articulate rationale for your decisions.
  • Collaborate with engineers and product managers to define features and functionality; pair-design with the product design team for regular feedback and critique.
  • Design interactions for new features, apply existing design patterns and create new ones across our platforms.
  • Talk directly to customers and users to set product direction, figure out what to build, or to evaluate designs and prototypes.
  • Build what you design using a design framework made of common web technologies or work with your engineers to turn designs into working components and features.
  • Work quickly and effectively on multiple projects. Ship new features, bug fixes, and small improvements bi-weekly.


  • Location:
  • Salary: , Competitive salary including stock options and great benefits are offered.
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

  • B.A. or B.S. in psychology, communication, human-centered design, or interaction design.
  • Ability to think at a high-level about a large, complex, data product and clearly justify features and product changes.
  • An internalized, well-articulated human-centered design process.
  • Experience building clear, effective interactions to accomplish product and business goals.
  • Shipped product or major user facing product features.
  • Demonstrated visual design skill, especially in the construction of information and visual hierarchies, attention to detail with typography, color, and information density.
  • Understanding of common front-end technologies (e.g. HTML, CSS, Javascript).
  • Experience using analytics, product instrumentation, and qualitative data to make and justify design decisions

Preferred qualifications

  • Interest or experience in designing for mobile and/or information visualizations.