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The M-Lab team is primarily based in Washington, DC, with a few distributed team members. The project is a collaborative project with Google and Princeton, so there is also a lot of coordination across the organizations as well as with other partners. The M-Lab team interacts regularly with external partners and users around the world--including researchers, activists, analysts, experiment developers, and local M-Lab site hosts--to help them do research, develop and publicize new use cases, collaborative partnerships, deployment models, measurement tools, experimental methodologies, and data analyses. Day to day on M-Lab can involve anything from coordinating with partners to install new measurement sites or resolve issues on the other side of the world to analyzing platform and measurement data to support the program.

Put your tech skills to work on a global mission.

The Open Technology Institute is looking for a technologist with a passion for the open internet and experience in devops to join our team, supporting the Measurement Lab (M-Lab) platform.

This isn't your typical systems admin role.

M-Lab is the largest open internet measurement platform in the world, hosting internet-scale measurement experiments and releasing all data into the public domain (CC0). M-Lab advances network research and empowers the public with useful information about broadband and mobile connections, enhancing internet transparency, and helping to promote and sustain a healthy, innovative internet. Read more about the project at or explore the data on

As a technologist on the team you'll work on helping to run the platform, supporting researchers with data questions, developing tools that help automate tasks related to platform management, maintenance and analysis, develop new tools as the platform evolves with new internet developments and technologies, and develop tools and applications that apply M-Lab tests and data in local contexts. As part of the broader OTI team, you'll get to put your technology skills to work on issues related to open and secure internet policy issues such as broadband access, net neutrality, encryption, privacy, and data discrimination.

Skills and responsibilities

Core responsibilities include:

  • Remote management of the deployment, installation and setup of new measurement sites
  • Day to day maintenance and monitoring of over 300 servers globally in over 100 locations
  • Quality assurance testing of changes or developments to the platform, e.g. new experiment versions, new platform releases, new hardware, new kernels
  • Troubleshooting and analysis of platform issues
  • Development of documentation and tools to simplify and improve processes


  • Location:
    DC/NYC are the top locations, but we're open to considering arrangements for the right candidate to be based in other locations
  • Salary: , Based on experience and location
  • Deadline: n/a


Minimum qualifications

  • Three (3) - seven (7) years of experience building and supporting applications or managing systems, for example programming software, deploying applications or services, and administering systems.
  • Experience with Linux, bash, Python, Prometheus
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Willingness to tinker and solve problems with technology
  • Interest in internet architecture, measurement, and policy
  • Effective organizational and communication skills.

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience coordinating across many different types of stakeholder groups
  • Familiarity with SQL, BigQuery, R
  • Familiarity with Ansible, Cacti and monitoring systems such as Nagios
  • Familiarity of how to build and maintain RPM packages
  • Experience with supporting end-users and helping users to troubleshoot and fix issue
  • Willingness to learn new tools

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