Background on the Colorado Digital Service:

The Colorado Digital Service (CDS) was launched in October 2019 by Governor Jared Polis within the Governor's Office of Information Technology (OIT). CDS hires top technologists from diverse backgrounds into term-limited "tours of civic service," bringing their expertise to help improve the services that millions of Coloradans use. These small teams of senior engineers, designers, and product managers work alongside dedicated civil servants in state agencies to develop user-centered solutions to Colorado's most pressing technical challenges. The CDS team uses modern software development methodologies like human-centered design and DevSecOps to support our government partners in delivering high-quality services to the people of Colorado. Digital Service Experts do not supervise other state employees.

Background on technologies used in the state:

As an engineer on the digital service, you’ll come across a wide range of technologies. In government, connecting data together is a challenge. In Colorado, you’ll find databases, API lifecycle management tools, web apps, websites, mobile applications, and products operating on mainframes. The state’s infrastructure includes a blend of on-premise mainframes and cloud services, legacy technologies, and modern languages.

We don’t expect you to have experience with all of these technologies. We’re looking for candidates who can approach a technical problem with tact and help a team determine a path forward.

Across the projects, the team engages on you will leverage your subject matter expertise and modern engineering experience. These projects will likely include older tech stacks and legacy systems. On each project, the team will focus on building strong, reliable, sustainable systems, and teams.

The Engineering Lead will contribute to a range of projects during their time with the digital service. These projects will range from low-maturity technical environments to established products. This person should be committed to improving government services by focusing on the people who need them most.

The Engineering Lead should advocate for modern software engineering practices, create momentum through incremental improvements to software deployment pipelines, and have expertise in a specific aspect of software development, such as security, DevSecOps, or automated testing. 

This Engineering Lead will be working collaboratively in a cross-functional team including product management, user-experience design, and procurement. This person should be comfortable contributing to hands-on as a subject matter expert when needed, as well as mentoring others in adopting and improving engineering practices.


Primary job responsibility:
Engineering Leadership (70%)
  • Champion modern software practices on topics such as DevSecOps, agile project management, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), security, testing, and automation.
  • Advocate for users with accessibility needs. Build user interfaces that meet a predefined set of standards. Champion accessibility to internal and external stakeholders, with knowledge of the best tools and methods to be used when accessibility testing.
  • Provide clear communication and counsel to a variety of stakeholders, from policymakers to technical subject matter experts.
  • Build trust with agency partners by doing the work alongside them.
  • Establish a version one of a process or tool implementation to improve engineering quality to demonstrate best practices.
  • Evaluate emerging technology proposals, either at the inception policy phase, scoping and strategy phase, or acquisition procurement phase.

Primary job responsibility:
Development (20%) 
  • Develop code, unit tests, scripts based on user stories, in a version-controlled environment.
  • Pair with junior developers to help them develop clean, accessible code that meets the needs of end-users.
  • Review pull requests and code from state and vendor developers.
  • Contribute to open source code bases and represent the state to open source developers on relevant projects.

Primary job responsibility: Technical Hiring (10%)
  • Support technical interviews for technical candidates applying to positions across the state, or to supplement state staff. 
  • Communicate publicly about the engineering opportunities in Colorado to attract top technical talent to work on state projects and systems.


Work Experience:
  • At least five years of experience applying engineering best practices in complex environments.
  • Shipping products to end-users frequently and iteratively.
  • Working collaboratively with cross-functional teams across the product delivery lifecycle using modern software development practices such as agile or lean. 
  • Coaching or teaching others in modern software development practices.

  • A degree from a four year College or University or equivalent work experience will substitute

Function/Technical Knowledge & Skills:
  • Has “T-shaped skills” that can broadly speak to all phases of modern software delivery practice.
  • Strong systems thinking approach to problem-solving.
  • Demonstrates expertise in multiple areas of engineering (ex. Agile development, Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment, Version Control, Testing, Automation, etc.)
  • Strong, empathetic communication, and leadership skills.
  • Self-motivated and able to effectively manage time and tasks.
  • Ability to solve complex problems, participate in continuous improvement, and adapt to the ideas of others.
  • Can thrive in low product and engineering maturity environments.
  • Fluent in Spanish is a plus.


  • Location:
    The team is currently working remotely during to COVID19.
  • Salary:
  • Deadline: n/a


Minimum qualifications