Seam Social Labs is a research and innovation company on a mission to empower disinvested communities. Our vision is to create more transparent & ethical systems so community stakeholders can co-create solutions together. Think of us as the Alfreds to the Batman!

Our team presently operates virtually with tentative plans to move to an office-space in Summer 2021. We are open-minded, solutions-driven, and totally into research and data. Be ready to work with a fast-paced team. 

We are hiring an Account Manager. This role will be to work 15-25 hours per week with our Product Team to design surveys, support customer operations, and create a 360 customer experience (CX) focused on analyzing & understanding insights from qualitative data.  

Skills and responsibilities

You will be responsible for:
Customer Support:
-Hosting onboarding calls for customers to showcase our product
-Designing surveys to make them more optimal for qualitative data & SMS surveys
-Monthly Insights meetings where you review insights from data with customer
-Providing high-level experience to Enterprise customers

Account Management:
-Updating all meetings in our CRM
-Collaborating with Product Team to launch and edit SMS surveys as needed
-Communicating updates to our customers about progress of survey and public engagement campaigns


  • Location:
    West Coast
  • This job is remote friendly.
  • Salary: , $40/ hour $75 Monthly Wellness stipend
  • Deadline: n/a


Minimum qualifications

-Experience designing qualitative data surveys, methodologies, and coding such data
-Experience in analyzing data to provide overview of insights
-Consulting, Research Assistant, or High-level customer experience ideal!
-Major bonus points if previous experience managing customer portfolios.

Preferred qualifications

You are passionate about:
-Qualitative Data
-Collaboration & working with teams 
-Learning and Growth-mindsets
-Equity - maybe you have a background in volunteerism or activism!
-Making a quantifiable impact on society