CoProcure is building a marketplace for the $1.5T local public purchasing sector (7% of US GDP). CoProcure’s commercial search engine for shareable public contracts saves government buyers from wasting time on calls, emails, faxes, and separate web searches. CoProcure currently helps buyers find, compare, and buy from suppliers, often using existing public contracts that expedite the purchasing process from 6+ months to just a few weeks. CoProcure does not sell to governments, and thus avoids going through procurement itself. We’re a venture-backed, San-Francisco based startup on a mission to unlock hundreds of billions of dollars of new economic activity while improving outcomes for our communities.

As CoProcure’s first Product Manager, you’ll help our founders guide the product vision for our company and own the execution of that vision. You’ll figure out what matters most to users, prioritize product problems and articulate trade-offs, brainstorm solutions, get buy-in from the team, and quarterback execution. As our first product hire, you’ll also play an outsized role in shaping the product culture at CoProcure.

You’ll report directly to our CEO. This is a full-time role based in San Francisco, CA but remote for the next few months due to COVID.

Skills and responsibilities

  • Support the founders in articulating a product vision for the company
  • Own execution of the product vision: prioritize feature ideas against strategic priorities and capacity constraints, captain product planning and sprint cycles
  • Generate product specifications, set key milestones for building new features and manage progress, coordinate feature launches, and measure impact of new features towards desired goal(s)
  • Talk to users to understand user needs
  • Translate user needs into feature ideas
  • Readily communicate the voice of the user to CoProcure’s internal team
  • Drive consensus around product priorities with leadership and team
  • Shape product culture at CoProcure and inspire the broader team to achieve results
  • Other opportunities as they arise


  • Location:
    San Francisco
    Remote during COVID. Eventual location in San Francisco some time in 2021.
  • This job is remote friendly.
  • Deadline: n/a


Minimum qualifications

  • Relevant experience: 2–5 years of Product Management experience at a high-growth technology company.
  • Entrepreneurial ownership mentality: You’re a self-starter who can readily acknowledge mistakes, own them, fix them, and learn from them in short cycles.
  • Critical problem-solving skills: You’re able to quickly make good decisions and ruthlessly prioritize, often without complete information.
  • Strong collaboration and communication skills: You’re equally comfortable discussing high-level strategy with leadership as you are getting into the weeds with teammates about a specific feature or user action.
  • Bias towards action: You’re scrappy and execution-focused. You’re not intimidated by resource constraints; you find creative ways to unblock teammates and get things done.
  • Experience influencing others towards a desired outcome: You’re able to build consensus and engage different stakeholders to achieve a shared goal.
  • Ability to use data to drive decisions: You’re in the habit of articulating and measuring your progress using qualitative and quantitative data and using this data to inform and refine your approach.
  • Passion for impact: You’re excited about having an outsized role in shaping a product that will change how local governments spend $1.5T of taxpayer dollars, improve government services for Americans, and help new businesses grow.

Preferred qualifications

  • Past experience working on search or marketplace products.
  • Past experience or interest in visual design.
  • Past experience or interest in government.
  • Interest in growing into a management role.