The Office of Innovation was founded with the mandate to improve the lives of New Jerseyans by designing and deploying more effective and efficient government services. We operate in partnership with the Governor’s office, State agencies and departments, and outside partners - working differently to create innovative policies and technologies that address complex public problems. We apply data science and public engagement to understand problems, and use the latest digital technologies combined with strategic policies to develop solutions that improve services while also reducing costs for the State and the taxpaying public.

Our team is made up of dedicated and energetic individuals with experience in government, business, civic tech, policy, and engagement. We are passionate about transforming the way government operates, and we support State agencies in innovating and improving the lives of all New Jerseyans. We partner with teams throughout the state to design and deploy world-class, innovative, and inclusive policies and digital services that solve pressing public interest challenges.

Principals we innovate by:
  • Innovate with, rather than for, New Jerseyans - using participatory and data-driven methods to improve people’s lives
  • Define concrete and specific problems that matter to real people
  • Collaborate with public, private and nonprofit sectors to enhance our impact
  • Build with diverse New Jerseyans, putting them at the center of our work
  • Solve problems by breaking down silos and forming partnerships - across teams, departments, agencies, levels of government, and with external experts
  • Deliver accessible solutions and policies that meet the needs of real people
  • Succeed in a highly ambiguous environment with little definition or structure
  • Maintain strong domain expertise while keeping a cross-functional approach l
  • Collaborate with stakeholders in domains beyond technology such as legal, policy, and administrative roles
  • Be committed and know how to develop metrics and experiments to test what works

Our team operates as a startup within government, and our team members wear many hats, contributing to both the execution of core projects and the evolution of the Office of Innovation. We kickstart new initiatives and assist teammates and partners when urgent challenges arise. We use data and modern research, design, and development methods to inform our decision making, and we collaborate with stakeholders within and outside of government to understand and solve challenges.

We are seeking site reliability and full-stack software engineers with at least 5 years of experience using modern languages and practices who can translate a concept into solutions for users. You should be comfortable working in a startup environment where you think independently and operate with a high degree of autonomy. Given the pandemic, we’re looking for self-starters who are skilled at driving projects forward while communicating and collaborating closely with the team at a distance. 

As a part of the team, you will:
  • Deliver solutions that meet the needs of diverse users across New Jersey
  • Operate as a solution architect, taking problems that may be poorly specified and finding the best software solutions, including evaluating custom-developed vs. SAAS options
  • Own features end-to-end, from planning to structuring data models to designing and building front-end interfaces
  • Apply leading industry development practices to solve complex problems through the use of human-centered design, open-source development and innovation, data-driven decision making, and agile development practices
  • Lead a team of engineers and/or the engineering process
  • Deliver projects with complex requirements, multiple stakeholders with disparate views, or high levels of bureaucracy
  • Deliver public-facing products or features on public-facing products with a large number of users (i.e. 100,000+)
  • Deliver tools or products with high uptime or availability requirements (i.e. SLAs of 99.9%+)
  • Work closely with product managers, designers, experts, leadership, and diverse stakeholders to translate findings and designs into product
  • Iteratively release new products that can be tested with users
  • Coordinate development activities (including the establishment of development processes) and make technical decisions that reflect the ideal solution and practical realities
  • Build and maintain the underlying technical architecture and processes -- including a cloud environment as well as continuous integration, automated testing, and source control processes -- that will enable the team’s success across initiatives
  • Develop technical documentation that can support the completion of state requirements
  • Provide counsel on technical matters in plain English to our team and stakeholders
  • Solve challenges using a wide toolkit that includes writing code, building the technical capacity of the team and State, translating user needs into technical decisions, mapping out technical options and architecture, and coaching and presenting to colleagues
  • Coordinate and work with in-house department and agency technical teams, including those who support legacy systems, to execute on development projects and ensure that they are set up to succeed
  • Take part in office-wide initiatives, such as stand-ups, to enable collaboration and support across projects 

Skills and responsibilities

Applicants will be assessed based on an ability to excel at one or more software engineering disciplines: front-end engineering, back-end engineering, infrastructure engineering.

We are seeking individuals with the following experience, skills, and abilities: 
  • Working at all levels of the stack 
  • Ability to engage with technologies such as: modern JavaScript (strong) in a “Jamstack” architecture, React, Next.js, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), JavaScript libraries, linting, and best practices, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), “NoSQL” document store persistence, and Git/GitHub version control.
  • Building and applying reusable front-end design patterns to reduce future development overhead
  • Incorporating global web design assets
  • Translating static mockups and images into working prototypes
  • Ensuring 508 accessibility compliance with the assistance of automated testing tools
  • Writing well-designed, testable, efficient code
  • Writing automated feature/functional tests for application flows
  • Ensuring seamless integration among front- and backend systems
  • Mitigating common security vulnerabilities (e.g., cross-site scripting)
  • Executing full lifecycle software development
  • Consuming application programming interfaces (APIs) to new and legacy internal and external systems, some of which may be undocumented
  • Translating application requirements into APIs, libraries/utilities, data models, and database schemas
  • Writing developer-friendly documentation (e.g., API documentation, deployment operations)
  • Improving shared libraries/utilities and practices around authentication, logging, alerting, and monitoring
  • Debugging and diagnosing issues in distributed systems
  • Designing infrastructure for supporting continuous integration, continuous deployment, and monitoring
  • Ensuring system uptime and performance
  • Monitoring and notifying appropriate officials in the case of security and data breaches


  • Location:
  • This job is remote friendly.
  • Deadline: n/a


Minimum qualifications