PINION is a new platform & community where you can easily find, vote and constructively engage on issues you care about, share to social media if you like, view results, and track your leaders to see how they are representing your interests.

We've been creating something special and are just about ready to launch.  We've built up our tech team over the last few months. Our MVP is ready.  And now we need savvy marketing leadership to help light the fuse!


The Pinion team is a small group of motivated professionals who believe in the power of public opinion to improve civic engagement, democracy, and make our world better.  Our tech team is building a new platform - web and mobile – to make our engagement with government and other organizations better.  We are seeking a tech professional with leadership and management experience to plan, contribute, and support our project and team members. We are team players who are motivated, independent, friendly and professional.  Our team is small; currently 8-10, so you'll need to fit in.   We prefer someone who has experience supporting a small, flexible development team (scrum/agile) and wearing many hats.

We are seeking a mission and performance driven marketer who will help us define our strategy, build our community, manage messaging, and drive growth through multiple channels. You will design and execute campaigns to establish a unique global brand, create and foster communities of users, evangelists, and customers, create/source content that engages a diverse ecosystem of stakeholders, and drives user growth/customer adoption.

Skills and responsibilities

  • Plan and manage our marketing strategy to uniquely position the Pinion brand as a cutting edge social impact corporation creating value for users, customers and stakeholders that translates into business success.
  • Plan and execute traditional and equity crowd funding campaigns critical to funding our initial growth and brand positioning.
  • Research and engage key players in the government/political/media space to create connections, publicity, and a foster diverse range of supporters across the political-media complex for our vision and mission.
  • Establish and focus on improving key metrics such as Pinion volumes, market penetration, pricing, traction, customer and stakeholder satisfaction/retention.
  • Develop strategies to increase our digital reach through content distribution, social media, and strategic partnerships.
  • Create and manage engaging content across social and industry channels including email, social media, blogs/vlogs/pods, white papers, etc.
  • Create and manage a dashboard to track traffic to the platform and other key metrics.
  • Write brief case studies and create short explainer videos to showcase our customers & our value proposition


  • Location:
    Los Angeles
    We are all working remotely.
  • This job is remote friendly.
  • Salary:
    , EQUITY ONLY - We are pre-money/revenue and earning equity via Slicing Pie (
  • Deadline: n/a


Minimum qualifications

  • Experience producing high-quality content marketing assets (blog posts, email newsletters, videos, pods, guides, pitch decks, etc.)
  • Analytical skills and proven ability to use data to optimize campaign performance and inform future strategies.
  • Mature communication, collaboration, and interpersonal skills.  We want to enjoy working together with you.
  • Can establish and articulate a vision, set goals, develops and executes strategies, and track as well as measure the results

Preferred qualifications

  • Crowd funding campaign planning and execution management
  • Passion for testing, optimization, using creative and content to drive lead and conversion performance
  • Growth mindset and constantly motivated to iterate and improve
  • Ability to thrive in a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment that requires one to multi-task and implement high priority initiatives