The U.S. Census Bureau publishes . In addition to the decennial census, the bureau published many more data products about households, the economy, and the 

The Census Bureau’s Business Development Staff functions as an “internal consultancy,” taking on cutting-edge technical work to improve the way the Census Bureau operates. We integrate survey, administrative, transactional, and geospatial data to increase the quality and timeliness, and decrease the cost and respondent burden, of our statistical products. We work with university researchers to operationalize the newest techniques. We collaborate with other areas of the Census Bureau, as well as other federal, state, and local agencies to develop cross-cutting data products never before possible. We operate at a national scale where even small technical changes can have a major impact. We uphold maximum standards of data stewardship 

 Through a contractor, the U.S. Census Bureau seeks the services of a Data Engineer to help modernize the way the Census Bureau does business.

What you will work on
We seek the services of a data engineer for a number of different projects. In particular, this role is a "hybrid" between software engineering and data science. Here are some examples of the types of work that you will engage in: 
• Developing tools to integrate records from disparate federal, state, local, and commercial data sources into cohesive and compelling data products. 
• Developing methods and tools to extract information from unstructured sources such as web pages. 
• Collaborating with statisticians to develop data pipelines that ingest large volumes of data, address problems, errors, and inconsistencies in those data, and ultimately produce statistical estimates based on those data. 

Skills and responsibilities

 Your day-to-day
• Discover/explore administrative, survey, transactional, and geospatial data to identify opportunities to improve Census Bureau operations. 
• Spec out and prototype new applications of these data. 
• Work with statisticians, data scientists, designers, and others to move ideas from proof-ofconcept to prototype to production. 
• Function as a technical expert, advising on potentially fruitful approaches to hard technical problems in both the arenas of software engineering and data science. 


  • Location:
    Remote start OK due to COVID-19 pandemic. Relocation to DC will ultimately be required.
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

Given the breadth of requirements, we don't expect an ideal candidate to check all of the below boxes in 'preferred qualifications'. An interest in work that combines the disciplines of software engineering and data science is key – it's what you will be doing on a daily basis. We fully embrace learning on-the-job! 

Preferred qualifications

 Software Engineering 
• Identifying and implementing opportunities to improve processes through data use. 
• Presenting information to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. 
• Owning the end-to-end implementation of one or multiple systems. 
• Developing well-tested web applications for internal use. 
• Working with a variety of stakeholders, including statisticians, data scientists, and designers, to implement proposed designs and algorithm methodologies into performant and mission-critical production systems. 

Data Science 
• Statistics. Everything we do at the Census Bureau revolves around statistical methods, so some quantitative background (and interest in working with data) is essential. 
• Data analysis – in particular, exploring data to identify opportunities to create business value. 
• Linking disparate datasets using incomplete information and probabilistic/ML methods. 
• Experience in survey methodology is a plus – you'll be learning a lot about surveys on the job! 

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