TechCongress is a startup non-profit, incubated at the Open Technology Institute at New America. We've got great staff and advisors doing all we can to bridge the gap between government and the technology community. We are nonpartisan and work with a diverse set of political voices, and do not take positions on issues. We work hard in an intentional and productive manner, and have fun while we do it. We are building a new generation of technology leaders, and support our staff and fellows with professional development, networking, and freedom to tinker and test new ideas. Above all, we are vigilantly focused on adding value—to our people, our institutions and our society.

Fellows have served with the most influential offices in Congress on technology policy matters, including Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX), the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and the House Oversight Committee.

Since 2016 we've sent 39 fellows to Congress who have done groundbreaking work including passing the OPEN Government Data Act into law, leading the investigation into Cambridge Analytica's data sharing practices, changing defense procurement rules to allow startups to better compete for contracts and serve our servicemembers, and revealing the Russian government is targeting Members of Congress on their personal emails and devices. 

TechCongress is building 21st century government with technology talent through our Congressional Innovation Fellowship.

This fellowship will place you among the top tech decision makers in the United States government at a time when technology is reshaping society in fundamental ways. Even if you've never considered working in government, you should apply. The Congressional Innovation Fellowship will allow you to make change at the highest levels and at a scale unparalleled in the private or public sectors.

We are bridging the divide between Congress and the technology sector by placing tech savvy candidates like you to work with Members of Congress and Congressional Committees in order to build capacity in Congress, train cross-sector leaders -- who can understand the challenges of government and in the technology community -- and keep Congress up to date about the latest challenges and opportunities relating to technology.

Learn more about the fellowship on our website, twitter, podcasts, or blogs.

As a Congressional Innovation Fellow you will:
  • Work with TechCongress to choose a placement with a Member or Congress or Congressional Committee and report directly to a senior staffer (like a Chief of Staff or Staff Director) in that office from January through December 2021.
  • Perform duties similar to other Congressional staff by applying your experience in technology to a variety of work, including:
    • Researching relevant policymaking (on issues like cyber and election security, data and biometric privacy, AI policy, autonomous vehicle regulations, health IT, encryption, disinformation, and many others).
    • Helping educate Members and staff about these issues.
    • Writing legislation.
    • Preparing for and organizing Committee hearings, markups, or investigations.
    • Building coalitions with partners and other groups.
  • Support TechCongress by writing about and presenting on your experience periodically, and represent TechCongress and the Congressional Innovation Fellowship at meetings or events.


  • Location:
  • Salary:
    , Fellows can receive up to $9,800 in benefits including: Reimbursements for healthcare (up to $400/month), Fellowship travel ($2,500), and Relocation to Washington, DC (up to $2,500
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

Preferred qualifications

What we’re looking for in our Fellows:
  • At least five years of work or postgraduate study.
  • Technical ability and training.
  • Tech savvy, with experience working in or studying the technology sector.
  • Great interpersonal and communications skills.
  • Ability to explain technology to those that aren’t as familiar with technology tools or concepts.
  • Track record of success taking initiative and working with others.
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.
  • Committed to helping get Members of Congress and Congressional staff up to speed on technology issues.
No experience working in or with government? Great! We're not looking for that. The Congressional Innovation Fellowship is an opportunity to expose technology leaders like you to Capitol Hill. It is first and foremost and educational experience, giving you a one-of-its-kind education into how Congress and the government works.