TechShift’s mission is to empower students to shift technology’s role towards bettering society and equitably serving all people in it by supporting student groups to organize initiatives in their communities and by building a powerful student alliance that shares in our vision of a fairer, more just technological future.

TechShift’s work builds off of a community organizing model in which college and university students, through their campus organizations, lead initiatives in their local communities at the intersection of technology and social good. 

You will be joining a team of current students and alumni from TechShift organizations from around the globe to support the work of TechShift and provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance. This is a two-year term eligible for re-election, designed to ensure a radically more democratic & lateral power structure than is customary on traditional for-profit & nonprofit boards.

Specific responsibilities of board members include the following:

Governance and Oversight
  • “Owns” the organization in partnership with our membership of 30 organizations
  • Reviews outcomes and metrics for evaluating TechShift’s impact, and regularly measures its performance and effectiveness using those metrics
  • Evaluates performance of the Management Team and oversees staffing decisions
  • Keeps organization accountable to its bylaws and upholds standards of ethical and lawful governance across the organization
  • Ensures funds and other financial resources are properly stewarded and employed to promote TechShift’s mission
  • Engages with board development activities such as identifying and recruiting other board members and ensures TechShift’s commitment to a diverse board, and staff, that reflects the communities TechShift serves
  • Regularly attends and contributes to board meetings and votes on board decisions 
  • Serves on at least one committee, maximum two     
  • Serves as ambassador of TechShift’s mission to the outside community

Generative Inquiry and Strategy
  • Deliberates with ED in a generative mode to make sense of problems
  • Co-leads with the ED to refine mission, strategy and programs based on a shared formulation of problems and issues
  • Collectively question, probe, test, and debate proposals to improve chances for success
  • Help define a storyline that traces TechShift’s organizational trajectory to inform TechShift’s coordinated mission, goals, strategy and execution

  • Participates 100% in fundraising and capital campaigns towards TechShift’s annual fund. Examples of participation include individual solicitation of in-kind support, helping with special events, and in-person meetings with supporters.

  • Engage in exchanges with members within TechShift and with external stakeholders in the larger tech for good space such as professors, foundations, and company contacts


  • Location:
    San Francisco
  • This job is remote friendly.
  • Salary: , Service on the TechShift Board of Directors is without remuneration but provides a host of personal and professional development and learning opportunities in the tech for good space.
  • Deadline: n/a


Minimum qualifications

Folks from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds, and especially those from historically marginalized communities, are especially encouraged to apply. Instructions are included in the position description (see application link).