Alloy is a non-profit building data and technology for the Progressive Movement. 

All over the progressive community, people have mobilized to build power and protect democracy. We equip them with data and technology tools to help them win. 

Our diverse team of designers, data scientists, engineers, and product managers spend their days understanding the needs of people on the front lines of our movement, assembling data, and building infrastructure that progressive causes and campaigns can depend on, long into the future. Join us!

Technical Project Manager 

Technical Project Managers (TPMs) at Alloy are responsible for providing project planning and execution across a variety of priorities within the company. TPMs are charged with clarifying project objectives, defining the process to achieve those objectives, and executing on that plan. Depending on the project, execution responsibilities may include: subdividing large tasks, managing agile software processes, estimating timelines, and maintaining ticket and task management systems. 

In addition, TPMs must engage all relevant team members, manage stakeholders, and communicate broadly to ensure all relevant parts of the company are aligned and have shared expectations. Given the space within which Alloy operates, Alloy TPMs are expected to be able to work on projects requiring significant knowledge of electoral politics, data science, data engineering, and/or database-heavy products. As with all Alloy staff, TPMs are expected to be strong team members who lead with empathy, communicate profusely, foster a supportive team spirit, and have a bias toward action.

TPMs on the Data Acquisition (DA) Team
PMs on the DA team fulfil several different roles. Each individual person may do only one of these roles or several, and their role(s) may change over time, depending on the needs of the team. 

Data Acquisition

Acquire all the data required by the company for its products
Work closely with the Partnerships, Legal, Core Product, and New Product Development teams to understand our market and user needs
  • Research and evaluate types of data available, vendors, and terms
  • Negotiate and execute acquisition agreements
  • Make tradeoffs between quality, timeline, cost, and ethical factors

Data Analysis
Perform data processing and analysis tasks as requested to support teams across Alloy. This may include:
  • Cutting files from raw source data, Alloy databases, and/or customer-provided data
  • Analyzing data sets to provide answers to questions like: what is our phone number coverage in a particular geography? How many unregistered voters are there in a certain county, and do we have contact information for them?
  • Integrating multiple data sources and creating application-specific views using tools built by Data Science and Engineering

Quality Assurance + Control
Ensure that Alloy has the highest quality data possible, both in incoming data and in our customer-facing products
  • Define quality metrics to measure both coverage and accuracy of diverse data sets
  • Create QA and QC processes on incoming data, customer-facing databases, and internal data processing systems to measure and monitor quality metrics
  • Coordinate with and support the Data Science and Engineering teams to build the models and tools necessary to measure and monitor quality metrics and perform above processes
  • Perform these tasks on an ongoing basis to proactively measure and monitor data quality
  • Identify process, tool, and data improvements to increase the quality of Alloy’s data
  • Define metrics to measure the overall progress of Alloy’s data acquisition efforts and report on them
  • Respond to specific data quality problems/questions

Process Management
In all of the above work, DA TPMs are expected to work together to build replicable, predictable frameworks and documentation to ensure the team can operate quickly and efficiently. We are happy to hire great candidates that are strong in some of these skills and ready to learn in others.


  • Location:
    Although our team is working remotely at this time, we are looking for hires in DC for when we head back into the office.
  • Salary: , Alloy is a taxable non-profit technology corporation with offices in Washington, DC and San Francisco, CA. This means that we don’t have shareholders to return profits to -- but we do aim to offer salaries competitive with for-profit companies.
  • Deadline:


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