American Progress seeks a highly skilled and motivated Digital Analytics Specialist experienced in performance measurement and digital data analytics to join the Digital Strategy team at the organization. The ideal candidate is an entrepreneur with serious analytical chops and a knack for using data to tell a story. They know how to deal with large amounts of data to find patterns and insights that colleagues can understand and readily use in order to reach their goals. This position also loves having fun at work and values the comradery that comes with being a part of a progressively minded and socially conscious organization like American Progress.

The Digital Analytics Specialist will lead the efforts to transform American Progress’ operational data into actionable insights with tangible business value by analyzing information, communicating outcomes, and collaborating on product development. This position’s contribution will be instrumental in helping the Digital Strategy team develop a data-validated understanding of American Progress’ online audiences in order to optimize their experience regardless of where, when, and how they interact with the organization.

American Progress is an independent, nonpartisan policy institute that is dedicated to improving the lives of all Americans through bold, progressive ideas, as well as strong leadership and concerted action. The organization’s aim is to change not just the conversation but also the country. The Digital Strategy team at American Progress is responsible for developing and operationalizing strategies to reach and engage the organization’s target audiences through digital channels such as web, social media, and online marketing. We work closely with an extensive roster of highly respected resident thought leaders, policy professionals, and various functional groups in the organization to formulate and implement effective digital content strategies to connect with our audiences. We love what we do and have a lot of fun doing it.


  • Establish the processes and implement technologies required to collect and analyze operational data.
  • Establish key performance indicators and baseline measures for evaluating data from various channels including web, social media, and email marketing.
  • Provide in-depth and insightful custom reports to communicate key metrics and findings to stakeholders across the organization.
  • Prepare visually appealing targeted dashboards to share and communicate insights effectively.
  • Recommend, design, and operationalize A/B tests to improve user experience and conversion.
  • Analyze and document data validated marketing strategies and tactics and recommend improvements.
  • Analyze campaign data and adjust strategies to deliver maximum return on investment.

Requirements and qualifications:


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.
  • One or more years of experience as a data or business analyst.
  • Previous experience analyzing multivariate digital media data.
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
  • Advanced skills with Microsoft Excel and business intelligence applications.
  • Ability to work with stakeholders to assess the needs and communicate information effectively.
  • Ability to analyze existing tools and technologies and provide solution recommendations.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong skills in report writing and presenting findings.


  • A degree in business, statistics, computer science, or similar.
  • Certification in Google Analytics.
  • A hands-on feel for SEO/SEM concepts and best practices.
  • Experience with relational databases and knowledge of SQL.
  • Experience with software programming and knowledge of HTML/JavaScript/CSS and/or Python.
  • Experience with data visualization tools and approaches, for example Microsoft Power BI, D3, Tableau, Qlik, Spotfire, R (ggplot), and Python (madplotlib).
  • Experience with Salesforce platform.
  • A basic understanding of quantitative data analysis concepts such as ETL, trending, regression, and forecasting as well as previously work with statistical analysis tools.

This position is part of a bargaining unit represented by IFPTE Local 70.


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  • Deadline: n/a


Minimum qualifications