OpenCounter is building a new generation of permitting and licensing software for state and local governments. The company was incubated at Code for America in 2012, and was a winner of the Knight News Challenge for Open Government in 2013. Since then, we’ve scaled to serving 60 of the largest cities in the country (San Diego, Atlanta, Detroit, Orlando, among others). In 2019, we were acquired by GTY Technology Inc. to become part of the preeminent public sector SaaS platform. Our goal is to build modern tools that help cities streamline service delivery, improve citizen engagement, and promote economic development. We are currently seeking an Implementation Specialist to help us support – and learn from – our growing customer base.

Open Counter is growing quickly as it transitions from a lean, bootstrapped startup into an autonomous business unit at a publicly-traded company. OpenCounter is fully remote at present, with offices and employment clusters in Boston and San Francisco and outposts in another four states. 

Training for this role will take place in the SF Bay Area, as well as Seattle and/or Las Vegas. 
We also hold bi-annual retreats for our team in rotating locations. The next team offsite is scheduled for Q2 of 2020, which we would like you to attend. 

OpenCounter offers Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance, and covers 99% of the plan costs for employees, and 50% for dependents.

We will offer a 401k in 2020. 

OpenCounter is seeking an Implementation Specialist to help us improve the deployment of our permitting and licensing software for municipal governments.

Configuration involves translating municipal regulations (like permit fee schedules and zoning rules) into the language of our proprietary rules engine -- “translating the municipal code into executable code”, as we say.

The Implementation Specialist will work with our Project Managers to understand the requirements of our clients, and develop best practices to streamline the deployment of our functionality according to the project delivery schedule. The role will also interface with our Engineering Team to continue to improve our rules engine and CMS.

Skills and responsibilities

  • Assist Project Managers in setting up the OpenCounter software quickly and accurately for each client. 
  • Work with Engineering to identify opportunities for improvement and surface potential problems.
  • Lead advanced implementations.
  • Train new Project Managers on best practices and patterns of this language.


  • Location:
    San Francisco
  • This job is remote friendly.
  • Salary:
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

  • Strong technical background
  • Some experience working in or with public agencies (can include City, County, State Federal, Higher Ed and Public Health)
  • Excellent project management, time management and organizational skills