The Open Contracting Partnership is a silo-busting collaboration between government, business, civil society and technologists to open up the documents and data behind government contracting and deal-making. We work across sectors and along the whole process of government contracting to use the power of open data and improved oversight to save governments money and time, deliver better goods, services and works to citizens, deter corruption and create a better business environment.

Open Contracting for Infrastructure (OC4I)
Open Contracting for Infrastructure (OC4I) is our ambitious strategy for delivering transformational change to infrastructure procurement and delivery. Infrastructure underpins every aspect of human life. From transport systems to power-generation facilities and water and sanitation networks, infrastructure enables society to function and economies to thrive. An estimated $97.5 trillion in infrastructure investment is needed to meet the Sustainable Development Goals by 2040. However, despite being one of the largest economic sectors in the world, investments are likely to fall short by as much as $18 trillion. There is also a significant 30% efficiency gap between the money that is spent and the coverage and quality of the resulting infrastructure. This means that vital, life-changing infrastructure and related services are not being delivered to citizens 

OC4I is all about driving improvements so that the infrastructure delivered is 10X better, faster, and stronger in meeting the needs of people across the world. To do this, we need innovations that are replicable and can scale rapidly. 

You will join a savvy, hard-working global team fostering innovation on, and implementation of, open contracting around the world. We are dedicated to equal employment opportunity and aim to cultivate and sustain a diverse, equitable, and inclusive team. We really value and prioritize diversity because a range of experiences and perspectives enriches our work and strengthens our ability to address complex challenges.

As we continue with our ambitious programme, we are looking for a motivated, talented professional to join us as Infrastructure Manager to help us design and deliver new innovations and support the scaling up of our Open Contracting for Infrastructure (OC4I) programme.

You will be responsible for initiating and delivering OC4I programmes globally, whilst advocating at the highest levels for better infrastructure transparency and accountability standards. Key to this role is the ability to build and sustain important and influential relationships with governments, businesses, civil society organisations as well as leading standard setting organisations, multilateral and bilateral development agencies. You will play a hands-on role in designing and delivering capacity building and technical assistance activities across the world. In addition, you will lead an exciting evidence based research portfolio to deliver new insights that demonstrate the open contracting value add for infrastructure.

We want someone who is a passionate advocate for change who can also handle technical details and give advice and guidance to partners on technical data work such as our  Open Contracting for Infrastructure Data Standard (OC4IDS). 

You should be a highly organised, collaborative professional who gets things done.

Skills and responsibilities

You will play a leading role in these four streams of work:

As a subject matter expert, the Infrastructure Manager will work closely with the Head of Infrastructure to help deliver and continuously improve the design and execution of the OC4I strategy, including: 
  • developing and supporting infrastructure transparency and accountability programmes inc. identifying new targets and opportunities for OCP, managing, driving and monitoring performance of existing or emerging programmes; 
  • developing and supporting capacity building activities and technical support to achieve programmes and targets, including trainings, workshops and materials that will empower stakeholders to ‘self-service’, whilst developing and managing key relationships globally, regionally and nationally across all levels; and 
  • contributing to the ongoing development of the Open Contracting for Infrastructure Data Standard (OC4IDS) and contributing to the development of new products/extensions/tools related to OC4I/OC4IDS.
The Infrastructure Manager will develop and manage an exciting infrastructure transparency and accountability research portfolio to build up the evidence base that will demonstrate the real, tangible value add of OC4I. This includes:
  • identifying and developing research or pilot projects, impact or progress stories, case studies;
  • analysing and applying lessons from open contracting programmes globally e.g. to understand what has and has not worked and its relevance to infrastructure; and
  • managing researchers or research projects inc. contracting, deliverables and quality control.
The Infrastructure Manager will be a confident and sophisticated professional who is excited to support the Head of Infrastructure in transforming global and regional narratives so that infrastructure transparency and accountability standards such as OC4I become entrenched norms. This includes:
  • promoting infrastructure transparency and accountability inc. convening, delivering or speaking at high level global, regional or national events, interviews etc;
  • building relationships with existing stakeholders as well as identifying and engaging new high profile targets, stakeholders, programmes, high level events; and
  • developing bespoke advocacy products inc. brochures, blogs or other materials, and contributing to global partner reports and materials; and
Project management
In addition, the Infrastructure Manager will be a skilled and efficient project manager, who is able to effectively manage a complex and diverse portfolio of OC4I programmes, projects, budgets and related administrative tasks including preparation of proposals and targeted grant applications.


  • Location:
    May require up to 9 days of travel in a given month
  • This job is remote friendly.
  • Salary:
    , Compensation is commensurate with experience, plus 10% matched pension contribution, generous leave entitlement, and opportunities for travel and professional development
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

We want to be surprised, intrigued and excited by applicants. We expect that the Infrastructure Manager will have:
  • a proven track record and experience in either infrastructure procurement/delivery, engineering/construction, or governance/transparency and accountability. Strong background in procurement or engineering is preferred but we are open minded about how your skills can add value to our work;
  • a strong understanding of open data issues preferably in relation to infrastructure/construction planning, procurement and execution. Knowledge of OCDS/OC4IDS a plus!
  • experience of building successful and effective stakeholder relationships and coalitions; 
  • ability to generate and deliver clear and persuasive oral and written communications in English, being technically sound but without sounding technical! Additional languages would be highly beneficial;
  • the ability to manage complex projects, budgets and administrative and logistical tasks; and
  • the ability and willingness to travel regionally and internationally on a regular basis.
The Infrastructure Manager will be a confident self-starter who is proactive and able to work independently on assignments as well as collaboratively across remote teams.