The Open Mobility Foundation (OMF) is an open-source software foundation with a mission to transform the way cities manage transportation in the modern era using well-designed, open-source data standards and software. We operate as a public-private partnership that brings together cities, mobility companies, and software vendors to co-create technology that facilitates digital-savvy approaches to regulation, scalable deployment of new mobility services, and the management of public space for the public good. 

Director of Open Source Operations will oversee and direct the OMF’s ecosystem of open source working groups, contributors, and projects. They will be responsible for the effective functioning of a multistakeholder, open development community, including identification of opportunities and tensions, the building of processes and relationships that support positive community interactions, and the resolution of conflict within the community. They will report to and work closely with the Executive Director to ensure that deliverables are consistent with the priorities and strategic direction set forth by the OMF Board of Directors. 

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Skills and responsibilities

 Job Responsibilities: 
● Work with contributors and working groups to maintain the smooth operation of the open source software lifecycle, including repository management, contributions workflow, code review, CI/CD, release engineering, and defect resolution. 
● Communicate the technical, community, and deliverable status of working groups and technical committees to the Executive Director and the Technology Council through materials and meetings. 
● Assist the Executive Director and Technology Council in establishing and winding down working groups, staffing steering committees, and maintaining a healthy community dynamic within the working groups. 
● Recruit technical participants for the working groups, promote inclusivity of stakeholders, and support the staff of the OMF in marketing participation opportunities to technical audiences. 
● Help create a sense of energy and urgency within the working groups and encourage steady progress towards deliverables. 
● Guide the selection and management of collaboration and development tools used by OMF’s working groups and technical committees, in cooperation with their chairs and steering committees. 
● Where necessary, act as a backup maintainer within the working group code repositories with the capacity to review contributions, resolve issues, and assess release readiness. 
● Participate in Technology Council meetings and other governance processes as directed by the Executive Director. 
● Play a significant role in the evolution of the Architectural Landscape and other strategic documents that govern the technical activities of the OMF and help document the technical and policy consensus of its members. 
● Represent the OMF within external developer communities, and advocate for developer needs and perspective within the organization. 
● Engage with contributor community, working groups, and other technical committees to ensure that the OMF’s positions on strategic direction, technical architecture, security, and privacy are reflected in work process and deliverables. Support and advise the committees charged with developing these positions. 


  • Location:
    Los Angeles
    The Open Mobility Foundation is a US-based, remote work organization. Ability to travel to events and meetings is required.
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Minimum qualifications

Preferred qualifications

The Director of Open Source Operations should have significant experience managing and participating in open source communities. They should have strong interpersonal skills, and a demonstrated ability to nurture and support healthy, cooperative communities of diverse technical contributors in a distributed environment. They should also bring substantial technical depth to the role, including hands-on expertise with repository management in GitHub, release engineering, and modern development practices. It is preferred that they have some familiarity with the mobility space and/or experience working with cities or other public sector organizations.