It all started with fixing . . .

Our founder is one of the software engineers who was brought in to get running smoothly after its broken launch. As the technical contractors and agency employees collaborated to make progress and fix errors in such a short time, he was inspired by what a group of unified talented individuals could accomplish.

Corbalt was founded on the idea that a team of talented engineers can build tools to make technology work better for large organizations. If a team is dedicated to this task, they can make it easier for organizations big and small to accomplish their goals, and that’s what we do.

We are a diverse team spread out across the United States. Being a distributed team allows us to combine collaboration with independence. Our team is composed of smart, talented people hired because of their skills and personality, not where they live. We come from different backgrounds and have expertise in different areas. Together, we create secure, easy-to-use software infrastructure that enables better digital services. Together, we are Corbalt.

Join a team creating digital solutions for critical areas of people’s lives.

Skills and responsibilities

  • developing software in Go and Python (it's not important that you already know these languages)
  • reviewing teammates' code
  • writing design docs to communicate ideas

  • ability to own a project and push it forward
  • ability to work independently
  • experience with engineering best practices


  • Location:
  • This job is remote friendly.
  • Deadline: n/a


Minimum qualifications