ReCollect is a technology company that combines deep expertise in solid waste and recycling with technology that works for government and business organizations. Our team is composed of leaders in public policy, recycling and solid waste communications, behavior change and technology.

ReCollect is  a tight-knit team of passionate, authentic and purpose-driven people committed to changing the waste and recycling industry, one organization at a time.

The right person for this job will have some experience in a customer facing role - perhaps you've done support work in the past but are looking to expand into a more technical role. You have some knowledge of ETL procedures and you're comfortable manipulating CSV's, Shapefiles and other GIS formats.  You will also have some understanding of how to use FME Desktop.

Ideally, you'll have experience working on a distributed team. You'll understand how to keep yourself productive, happy and healthy while working from your home office or co-working space. When we get together a couple times a year for all-hands face-to-face, we hope you'll value the time with your awesome peers!

You'll share and teach, and also have a desire to learn and grow. We are all about learning and getting smarter as we build ReCollect! By the end of your (hopefully long) career at ReCollect, you will be happy, healthy and have lots of new lessons and learnings to share.

You must be prepared for hard work with our small team, as we continue to explore new markets and customer segments. You will need to be comfortable with ambiguity and making decisions to keep our future options as open as possible. You should also be prepared to occasionally carry the weight for others and take on tasks outside of your typical responsibilities when needed.

You will be:
  • supporting our Customer Success team when tricky data issues arise
  • configuring, importing and maintaining data updates from our customers
  • setting up special configurations of our tools to help residents in new ways
  • investigating data related problems and fixing or escalating them
  • helping us think about how to do all of this more efficiently!

Skills and responsibilities

You will have experience with these technologies:
  • Demonstrated experience working with Safe Software's FME
  • A firm grasp of geospatial data and how to use and manipulate it
  • Spreadsheets - Google Sheets & Excel
  • GIS tools and formats (Esri in particular)


  • Location:
    100% Remote Position
  • This job is remote friendly.
  • Salary:
    , Great Benefits
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

Preferred qualifications

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to self-prioritize your work
  • A second language (ideally French!)
  • Customer facing experience