The City and County of San Francisco was established by Charter in 1850 and is a legal subdivision of the State of California. It is the only consolidated city and county in the State, exercising the governmental powers of both a city and a county under California law. 

Naomi Maria Kelly is San Francisco’s City Administrator, the highest-ranking non-elected official of San Francisco City and County government.  In this capacity, Ms. Kelly oversees 25 departments, divisions, and programs that include the Public Works Department, Department of Technology, Office of Contract Administration/Purchasing, Real Estate, County Clerk, Fleet Management, Convention Facilities, Animal Care and Control, Medical Examiner, and Treasure Island.  She is responsible for a 2,700-strong workforce, and an annual budget of nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars.

San Francisco’s Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) reports to the City Administrator and is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the City and County of San Francisco Charter’s Privacy First Policy, Charter Section 16.130, and for providing guidance to city agencies when considering the adoption of privacy-protective laws, regulations, policies and practices within the regulatory authority of the city. Ultimately, the CPO works to ensure that when private companies or government agencies store and use personal information, such practices are transparent, accessible, unbiased, consensual, secure and limited to accomplish a lawful purpose.

Skills and responsibilities

  • Develop citywide privacy policies and practices, as well as provide guidance for City departments, in consultation with the City Attorney’s Office as to legal issues, that is intended to aid in the implementation of the Privacy First Policy.
  • Data collection and reporting.
  • Work in coordination with the City Administrator to adopt rules and regulations that are consistent with the Charter and that implement the Privacy First Policy, including the privacy principles stated in Charter Section 16.130(e).   
  • Draft reports and other public documents as needed, including reports to the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor describing the City’s implementation of the Privacy First Policy.


  • Location:
    San Francisco
  • Salary:
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

1. Possession of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university; AND

2. Four (4) years of managerial experience within a governmental or private sector organization, developing, implementing, and maintaining policies and procedures to ensure organization compliance with federal and state privacy regulations, of which at least two (2) years must include supervisory experience.

Preferred qualifications

  • Master's Degree or Juris Doctor is highly desired.
  • Knowledge of legal, regulatory, contractual, and other factors that affect an organization's privacy strategy and risk mitigation.
  • Experience leading and resolving privacy issues affecting large organizations with varying and unique privacy concerns and mandates; experience in a public sector agency is highly desired.
  • Excellent collaboration skills.
  • Ability to manage sensitive, high-profile projects involving many stakeholders.