The Census Bureau’s Business Development Staff functions as an “internal consultancy,” taking on cutting-edge technical work to improve the way the Census Bureau operates. We integrate survey, administrative, transactional, and geospatial data to increase the quality and timeliness, and decrease the cost and respondent burden of our statistical products. We work with university researchers to operationalize the newest techniques. We work with other federal, state, and local agencies to develop cross-cutting data products never before possible. We operate at a national scale where even small technical changes can have a major impact. We uphold maximum standards of data stewardship.

We seek the services of a few Data Scientists for a number of different projects. Here are some examples of the types of work that you will engage in:

  • Researching, prototyping, and implementing methods to trace the lineage of data as it moves through the Census Bureau.
  • Developing ways to integrate records from disparate federal, state, local, and private data sources into cohesive and compelling data products.
  • Developing methods to extract information from unstructured sources such as web pages.
  • Performing spatial/network analysis for transportation applications

Skills and responsibilities

  • Discover/explore administrative, survey, transactional, and geospatial data to identify opportunities to improve Census Bureau operations
  • Spec out new applications of these data
  • Apply analytic methodologies, such as probabilistic record linkage, to produce valuable new time-saving and quality-improving applications for these data sources
  • Work with software engineers to move ideas from proof-of-concept to prototype to production
  • Function as a technical expert, advising on potentially fruitful approaches to hard quantitative problems


  • Location:
  • Deadline: n/a


Minimum qualifications

  • Identifying opportunities to improve processes through data use
  • Linking disparate datasets using imperfect or incomplete information
  • Working with a variety of stakeholders and "clients" to determine needs
  • Presenting information to both technical and non-technical stakeholders

Preferred qualifications

Any of the following:

  • Spatial network analysis
  • Network analysis
  • NLP
  • Transportation analysis / data science
  • Data viz