In this position, you will be a Product Manager working for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services' Office of Information Technology supporting USCIS' Refugee, Asylum, and International Operations Directorate in its mission to provide immigration and humanitarian services for people who are fleeing oppression, persecution or torture and facing urgent humanitarian situations.

USCIS oversees all lawful immigration to the United States. We are 19,000 government employees and contractors working at more than 200 offices around the world.

You will be a federal government employee working as part of a growing team of product managers, designers, and developers to build the digital tools civil servants rely on every day to serve citizens and immigrants.

You can see members of the team chatting about our work during the SpringOne Platform conference (note: the presentation is a bit tailored to the Pivotal company who were hosting the conference):

We work only a couple of blocks from Union Station in downtown Washington, D.C in a nice space next to big windows with lots of conference and private calling rooms. We work literally next to many of refugee and asylum officers who make the decisions in these cases, which allows you to easily see the impact of your work.

Your Role: We are keenly aware of the valuable impact a strong Product Manager working as part of a software development team makes. We believe the government deserves to have user-friendly tools that enable civil servants to effectively serve the public just as much as the private sector. Our tools are used by hundreds of immigration, refugee, and asylum officers hours each day to make life-or-death decisions. While we are not yet replacing immigration laws and regulations with gems and DSLs, it is not hyperbole to say that the way we write our blocks or set up our rspec tests impacts peoples’ lives. We want our impact to be positive, and we are looking for the Product Managers who can make that happen.

We expect you to: 

  • Lead a product team by working closely with the designers and engineers to develop a product that meets the needs of users
  • Lead product vision and identifying what the team should build next and why by extracting the best available information from the business and end users 
  • Maintain a healthy backlog to keep the team focused and productive, remove blockers, and drive momentum 
  • Champion and drive Agile, Lean Product Management, and Human-Centered Design best practices.
  • Collaborate with other government staff to deploy new systems as well as continuously improve existing systems 
  • Be unafraid of suggesting process and team improvements. Encourage the team to experiment with new technologies. Build numerous integrations with partner systems across the federal government. Support agile development, helping to carry out the practice and the discipline

Details: This is a federal government position, not a contractor position or a position with a company. We hire this way because we believe it empowers our teams and allows them to actually use agile methodologies. 

Location: Washington, DC

Salary/Benefits:  $96,970.00 - $152,352.00 yearly (this is the GS-13 and GS-14 pay range in the DC area). U.S. Government provides employees with a comprehensive benefits package (retirement, transit subsidy, health, dental, flex spending, ect). Additional benefits info found via application page linked below. 

Deadline:  11/15/2019

Application: Please apply here  (Just click the apply button, don’t let the legalese intimidate you! And please do not  hesitate to reach out to we know applying for federal government jobs can leave you with many questions!)

  1. Your resume

  2. Your contact information

  3. Applying using veteran's preference? More info found here: 

  4. Optionally: Any additional information that would be useful to know (a cover letter is not required) can be sent to

Qualifications: While we are comfortable with a variety of backgrounds, unfortunately we usually cannot take individuals who are just graduating from school or a bootcamp. Some degree of relevant real world experience is expected.

Additionally, since this is an official government job, not with a company or a contractor, you must be a U.S. Citizen to apply.

Candidates should also have experience:

  1. Leading an agile product team, ideally including designers

  2. Leading product vision and development that resulted in successful adoption of software product that delivered business value

  3. Agile, Lean Product Management, and Human-Centered Design methodologies  


  • Location:
  • Salary:
    , Please note that the job posting may be confusing about salary. It lists the "base salary" without the automatic differential for living in DC which can raise your salary to as high as 152k in Washington, D.C. Salaries are negotiable upon offer and we are happy to answer any questions about them.
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications