The Senior Data Analyst will be an essential member of the Department of Innovation & Performance (I&P), leading the data management and data governance program, analyzing data to inform policies and improvements to operations, supporting performance improvement and innovation programs, advising departmental leaders through business intelligence and providing data visualizations to inform City leaders and residents about the way government is working.

A Senior Data Analyst is expected to ensure that the City of Pittsburgh's Open Data Program is in compliance with the City Code by ensuring new data sets are added with regularity, an annual report on the state of Open Data is published, and that datasets continue to update accurately and regularly through the City's configured pipeline. They are also expected to lead key initiatives for the Innovation Team and to participate on a wide variety of projects with other I&P staff members.

Skills and responsibilities

  • Undertakes the collection, pre-processing, cleaning and analysis of data for City Departments.
  • Prepares, vets, delivers and maintains Open Data sets in the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center in accordance with City Code.
  • Provides data pipelines for the purposes of research and operations to Universities, Vendors and other City partners as requested.
  • Builds models to address identified business problems for internal client departments or initiatives.
  • Presents information using data visualization techniques.
  • Performs geospatial analysis using geographic information systems.
  • Serves as a resource and liaison for Analysts in other City departments.
  • Audits and provide quality assurance for all analysis of I&P.
  • Identifies and addresses new opportunities for process improvement.
  • Acts as a liaison and City representative to community groups participating in data analytics and policy development.
  • Performs other related tasks and duties as assigned or required.


  • Location:
  • Salary:
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Minimum qualifications

  • WORK EXPERIENCE: The application must clearly show three (3) years of full-time experience in information technology, economics. (Full-time is defined as 32 hours or more per week.  Less than full-time experience will be calculated on a pro-rated basis.)
  • EDUCATION/TRAINING: The application must clearly show a Bachelor's Degree from a fully accredited institution in Computer Science, Information Science, Business Administration, or a related field.  (See NOTE under the General Application Requirements Section above regarding the verification of education/training).
  • EQUIVALENCY:  Education/training and/or work experience may be substituted on a year for year basis if the application clearly shows the required number of years to meet the Total Qualifying Requirement for this position (based on the sum of work experience and education/training listed above).  The Total Qualifying Requirement is seven (7) years.  (See NOTE under the General Application Requirements Section above regarding the verification of education/training).