The City of San José is creating the civic technology foundation that helps our community thrive!

As the Capital of Silicon Valley and 10th largest city in the nation, the City of San José manages a large array of services and assets. The City operates on a budget of $4.3 billion, with 7,000 employees all serving over a million residents and businesses across 180 square miles. 

The City aspires to be as innovative as the community we serve. In that quest, the Information Technology (IT) Team makes its impact through smart uses of technology by our employees and community. IT enables vital services through business solutions, cybersecurity, productivity and collaboration tools, the City Customer Contact Center, and expert planning. Services are powered by truly great people, an expansive municipal area network, and a robust technology infrastructure environment.

We promote work-life integration with a focus on growth to bring out the best in our team members. Come join us in making San Jose the most vibrant, equitable, sustainable, and innovative city in America!

The City of San José Information Technology Department (ITD) seeks an exceptional senior manager to lead the City Portfolio-Products-Projects Office (C3PO) as Division Manager.

The Portfolio-Products-Projects Office is a three year-old division in the City. Deconstructing traditional project management, San Jose’s C3PO is responsible for (1) executing technology and innovation initiatives with success; (2) ensuring strong business value from City products and platforms over time; and (3) building organizational capacities for the City to consistently transform and improve.

The C3PO Division Manager will inspire team members and nurture a culture that is truly collaborative and customer-centric towards these ends. The position is critical to the City achieving ambitious goals to innovate, accelerate delivery of solutions, support deep collaboration, and deliver remarkable value to the San Jose organization and community.

As a newer organizational division, the leader of the C3PO will work directly with the CIO and ACIO to build the team through a significant hiring phase. They will assemble the office’s practices and resources, all while supporting delivery of identified priorities. In its first two years, the C3PO already drastically improved technology execution success rates, earning the trust of partner departments. The Division is situated to grow its team and citywide impacts. Thus, the selected Division Manager will demonstrate the vision and leadership necessary to build the C3PO into the model team and organizational resource described.

San Jose’s technology leaders truly act in a player-coach mode—a person who can shape technical work and architectures with their team, build contributors up to execute that direction, work directly with the technologies and partners, and manage organizational demands to deliver solutions and services.

When the C3PO Team does well, they help San Jose’s families thrive and our businesses grow.

Skills and responsibilities


The C3PO Division Manager works closely with the IT Department Executive Team and oversees approximately 10 to 15 contributors, an average annual project portfolio of 75+ initiatives, and 40+ primary systems for focused lifecycle management. The C3PO works across 20 major departments citywide to:
  • Ensure successful project execution;
  • Deliver continuously high business value from the City’s products and platforms through expert lifecycle management; and 
  • Enable organizational capabilities and cultures that makes transformation through technology increasingly routine.
Specific examples of work priorities over the next 18 months include: My San Jose, Business Process Automation, Integrated Permitting System and Development Services Transformation, advanced FirstNet deployment, 9-1-1/3-1-1 contact redesign, Business Tax system, emergency management technology refresh, IoT platforms and controls, and other efforts at the forefront nationally. Work is measured on the basis of hitting targets for cost, schedule, scope/quality, and realization of value at the customer level.

Collaboration, responsiveness, employee development, and effective relationship management with teams across the City are critical success factors for the C3PO Division Manager. To be a successful leader, they must demonstrate the ability to foster a team that is engaged, embraces innovation and change, earns the trust of customers and partners, and that exemplifies exceptional customer service in delivering solutions that both San Jose residents and City staffs appreciate.

The City practices agile and waterfall methodologies, reporting through an executive scrum of scrums to align appropriate methods to initiatives. Work is managed through an overarching IT Strategic Plan, Annual IT Work Plan, and a system of OKRs that keep priorities aligned.

The primary duties and responsibilities of this position include:
  • Deliver business value through expert portfolio management, product management, and project management.
  • Perform and teach portfolio, product, and project management practices across City departments through the C3PO.
  • Develop necessary strategic plans, budgets, architectures, and roadmaps to plan, execute, and resource initiatives that support the service requirements of City departments.
  • Hire, coach, mentor, develop, performance manage Products-Projects Managers.and prioritize effectively through active methods—e.g., scrums, work-staff planning, OKRs.
  • Partner with customer, technical, and vendor leadership to achieve objectives and resolve challenges.
  • Monitor and regularly communicate key performance metrics and statuses.
  • Oversee the development, communication and training of standardized processes, best practices and maintain integrated tools for product-project planning, execution, business analysis and deliverable/artifact tracking.
  • Apply governance processes to maintain stakeholder support, detect and address projects in jeopardy, and inhibit large project failures.
  • Plan for competing demands of technical and staff resources in project and product lifecycle activities.
  • Expertise in building/managing a strategic project management, product management, and portfolio management division or team.
  • Demonstrated depth in project/product/portfolio management practices and tools, spanning some mix of agile, waterfall, spiral, and other methodologies; DevOps; DataOps; SecureOps; and/or Enterprise Architecture frameworks is highly desirable.
  • Strong personnel management skills, including hiring, development, coaching, performance management, and discipline is highly desirable.
  • Experience with business analysis, systems development lifecycles, and application development principles and process.
  • Expertise with public sector procurements, vendor management, and contract management.
  • Ability to:
    • Lead the Portfolio-Products-Projects Office in a vision to rationalize and maintain a clear portfolio of initiatives that are aligned to the San Jose’s Smart City Vision, City Manager Priorities and the IT Strategic Plan.
    • Articulate ideas to both technical and non-technical audiences at all levels of the organization.


  • Location:
    San Jose
  • Salary:
    , The actual salary shall be determined by the final candidate’s qualifications and experience. In addition to the starting salary, employees in the Deputy Director classification shall also receive an approximate five percent (5%) ongoing non-pensionable compensation pay.
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in a closely related field.
Six (6) years of progressively responsible directly related experience, including three (3) years of supervisory experience.
Licensing Requirements:
Valid CA Driver’s License
Employment Eligibility:
Federal law requires all employees to provide verification of their eligibility to work in this country. Please be informed that the City of San Jose will NOT sponsor, represent or sign any documents related to visa applications/transfers for H1-B or any other type of visa which requires an employer application.

Preferred qualifications

The ideal candidate will possess the following competencies, as demonstrated in past and current employment history. Desirable competencies for this position include:
Job Expertise – Demonstrates knowledge of and experience with applicable professional/technical principles and practices, Citywide and departmental procedures/policies and federal and state rules and regulations.
Leadership – Leads by example; demonstrates high ethical standards; remains visible and approachable and interacts with others on a regular basis; promotes a cooperative work environment, allowing others to learn from mistakes; provides motivational supports and direction.
Project Management – Ensures support for projects and implements agency goals and strategic objectives.
Conflict Management – Uses appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to reduce tension or conflict between two or more people, by presenting the facts, analysis, and conclusions or solutions that show command of content and perspectives and interests of the audience.
Analytical Thinking – Approaching a problem or situation by using a logical, systematic, sequential approach.
Planning – Acts to align own unit's goals with the strategic direction of the organization; defines tasks and milestones to achieve objectives, while ensuring the optimal use of resources to meet those objectives.
Communication Skills – Effectively conveys information and expresses thoughts and facts clearly, orally and in writing; demonstrates effective use of listening skills; displays openness to other people’s ideas and thoughts.